Monday, October 17, 2011

M-LIFE: First Meeting & Playdate

Oct. 7 was our first M-LIFE meeting at church. It is a program for moms with kids from 0-5. The kids love it and it's SO nice to have some mom time! The first week we made a craft out of toilet paper tubes. At the meeting I just cut up my pieces and then completed it at home. A fun 'J' for Jade's room. She thought she had to help model it. :)
Then last Friday our M-LIFE group went to Post Family Farm for the morning. It was a bit chilly but the kids still had fun. We first checked out the animals.
Then got a few pictures by the pumpkins.
Jade slept the whole time in the Bjorn.
Then our tour started and the first stop was the Pumpkin train. Trey got to ride with cousin Kasen (behind Carter).
Then we went on a hayride out to the pumpkin patch. My mom came with me to help with the boys. :)
Here's our group heading out. There were 2 different tours for our group that morning.
Kasen liked this little pumpkin. I think he thought it was an apple. :)
And just a few other random pictures. On one of the warm days a week ago the boys and I had fun playing outside in a pile of leaves.
And we can't end a post without Jade! Sunday she wore her first dress with a pair of's been just a tad fun to dress and accessorize her. :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just some randoms

As this picture best entails the boys are still in love with Jade. Carter loves to help and always wants her to be awake and Trey loves to put his face really close so her hair will tickle him and he loves to give her kisses. They have not show any jealousy which really surprised me. I thought the transition would be rough on Trey but so far he's been great. Of course they both have their moments b/c they aren't getting as much attention as before but I really can't complain.
Our nieces are home from Nebraska for a few weeks so the boys have been SPOILED with them coming over to play and entertain them. My mother-in-law came and painted our trim and doors so the girls came for a few days which really helped me get some things done. Thursday night we headed downtown Zeeland with them to watch them do the tractor peddle pull and enjoy some other activities. Here they are painting some pumpkins. Carter was concentrating too hard for a picture. :)

Saturday we headed to the pumpkin parade with my mom and in-laws and our nieces. Jade slept the whole time (of course!) and the kids had a riot getting LOTS of candy.

Since it's now harvest season Brian is working like crazy so last night we went to my grandma's house to visit to kill some time. The boys had fun playing in the leaves outside and enjoying some ice cream with grandma. She doesn't always remember the kids but she never fails to show her love to them! After Great Grandma's we stopped by Auntie Pam's to see her new puppy...we will definitely have to go there more to play with her.
And an update on our sweet little miss Jade. We can't imagine our life without her! She has finally made it back to her birth weight of 6 lbs. 12 oz. so she is still a little peanut but she has grown 2 inches so she seems bigger! She still curls up in a ball which I LOVE! She is a very content baby and I think another Babywise baby. I can put her down awake and she will fall asleep and usually wakes up like an alarm clock when it's time to eat. Her nights have been more random but she goes at least 3 hours and sometimes 5. At times she doesn't stay awake enough to fill her belly so I find myself up 10 minutes later. It's easy to get frustrated but have to remind myself she is our last and I have to soak up the newborn stage! Her and I usually squeeze in a nap together in the afternoon so that helps give me energy for the rest of the day. :)