Monday, June 30, 2008

Big Star and a birthday

This weekend DeWitt's invited us up to the cottage at Big Star so we left Friday morning and enjoyed a fun weekend with them . The weather could have been a little nicer but we did catch some sun and the boys were able to have some fun on the boat. Friday night Carter thought he would share his tub with Jacob. It was quite hilarious as Carter just sat there wondering what was going on as Jacob kicked and splashed.

The two dudes in their cute suits and hats.
On Saturday Brian and Jason went to Silver Lake dunes for the day to ride around in Jason's truck. I think it brought back highschool memories for the two. Martha and I couldn't figure out how they could be their so long and keep entertained. : )
It was my birthday on Saturday so they surprised me with a birthday cake. (Don't mind the no make up, bad hair day picture). Brian and Carter bought me a bike trailer so we can take him on bike rides. I am excited to use it and will post pictures once we put it together.
Our little cutie.
Sunday was chilly but it finally warmed up a little for the guys to do some knee boarding and surfing. Jason almost got up on the surf board...I give him credit for trying so hard!

And last night we came home, showered and ate and then went to my parents for ice cream cake! Yum!
Tonight Kathy and I are going for pedicures and ice cream for our birthday gifts to each other so it will be nice to relax after a busy weekend!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Please pray for my great grandpa

Today mommy took me to go see my great grandpa in the hospital. He has been sick for a while so I went to go cheer him up. I was full of smiles and stories for him and he told me that I made his day. All the nurses that came in knew who I was right away so I think great grandpa and grandma must talk about me a lot! Guess that's what happens when you are the first great grandchild. Mommy took me and great grandma to see Aunt Kim's new floor and to say hi. Then they ate lunch in the cafeteria and then we stopped on the way out to see Miss Jenni. Of course she had to pick me up and show me off to everyone! Please keep my great grandpa in your prayers as I want him to see me grow up and be a big boy!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

First swim

Yesterday Jen, Amy, Norah, Carter and I headed to Grand Haven to hang out on Huyser's boat. We ate lunch on the boat and then headed to the pool. Carter and Norah were pretty styling in their swimsuits, hats, and sunglasses. This was a first for both of them and although the water was a little chilly they did great. As you can see it put Carter right to sleep!

Friday, June 20, 2008

4 Kids???

Since Brian and I want to have four kids I thought I would try my hand at it last night. The neighbor girls followed me up the driveway when I got home b/c they wanted me to take them to the park (Ottawa Area Center). So after dinner and three visits from them later I decided I better go! So I loaded up Carter in the stroller and the girls rode their bikes. They played at the park while I walked. They were big listeners so I told them I would take them to the Soft Spot. So we loaded them up in the Yukon and went for ice cream. It was a lot of fun! And for those of you that read this entire post...NO, Brian and I are NOT going to have 4 kids...ha,ha! :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Future Farmer

MI Farm Bureau is having a contest for their 2009 calendar and an employee from ZFS bought Carter a John Deere outfit so we thought we better enter our little guy in it. You only win $100 if your picture gets put on the cover so nothing major but it would be fun if Carter was one of the months! You had to write a short story on your picture and why it displayed a future farmer. I didn't have to say much beyond him being the 4th generation of Meeuwsens at Zeeland Farm Services! Here is the picture we sent in.

Good Dr.'s Appt.

Brian and I headed to GR today with Carter for his heart murmur appt. All went really well besides a LOT of sitting and waiting. They did an EKG, then we met with the doctor, then he wanted an ultrasound done. Carter was full of smiles throughout the EKG despite all the wires and stickers and he slept through the ultrasound. The tech said he was her best patient of the day! The doc met with us after the ultrasound and said he just has a little pinpoint hole in one of his valves that will eventually close up. So no follow up appts. and he is a healthy little boy! On our way out we saw two little babies that obviously had definitely made us thankful for a healthy baby! God is good!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Weekend

This weekend we headed to South Haven to stay on the boat with mom and dad Meeuwsen. The weather was beautiful on Saturday and we had a lot of fun. It was HarborFest there this weekend so there was a lot going on. We were there with about 6 other boats so we had quite the group. Brian and I went for a ride with Nagelkirks out on the big lake so that was fun. Carter got a LOT of attention and stayed cool in the shade.
Every year they have Dragonboat races. These crews come from all over, even Canada. It was fun to sit on the docks and watch them race. I think I heard them say there were 14 teams. They raced all day Saturday and had the finals on Sunday.
Sunday we headed to mom and dad De Jonge's for lunch. Here's a pic of my family.
And the proud daddy celebrating his first Father's Day with Carter. Carter is sporting his I love daddy shirt.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Just an average boy

This morning we had Carter's two month appt. He weighed 12 lbs. 2 oz. and was 23.5 inches long. He measured right in the 50th percentile for everything so he is doing great and growing just like he should be. He did have to get several shots...I think I had as many tears as he did. By the time I put him in his car seat he was full of smiles again so that was good. We swung by daddy's work for a kiss too. :) The doctor did hear a slight heart murmur so he has to go to GR this week for an echocardiogram. Since he is growing as he should and has great color she assumes they won't find anything but she wanted to err on the side of caution. So please pray that all is okay!

It's back to work for me this week so I have a feeling I may shed more tears! I know Carter will be in good hands with his grandma's so that makes me feel better but it will still be hard! These last 10 weeks have been the best and I have enjoyed every minute with him...good thing its only a couple days a week!

Oh and my goal was to have Carter sleeping through the night and he did the last 2 out of 3 nights! He must have known my goal....little stinker!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Baptism Sunday

Today our little boy, Carter James, was baptized. He was awake the whole time and such a content little guy. We have truly been blessed by God to have such a healthy and perfect little baby boy; we love him so much. After baptism our friends and family went to mom and dad Meeuwsen's for lunch. We are able to enjoy the warm weather outside before the storm came through.
My friend Trish who made our wedding cake made this beautiful cake for baptism. It was delicious!The four generations of Meeuwsens. I think I might have to stick this one in the paper.

Washed away road

On the way home from lunch we stopped to see the damages done on my parents road from the storms. Looks like we will be taking an alternative route to their house for a long time!

Check out Jason and Martha's blog for more pics!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Testing out the baby jogger

Monday night Carter and I thought we would try out the baby jogger with our neighbors Briana & Sydney. I know Carter is technically to little to be in it but ya only live once, right? Bri and I went around the block and tried jogging a little bit but we both soon figured out breastfeeding and jogging don't go well together! :)

Today Carter and I went for a walk with the DeWitts and Busschers. We probably looked like quite the crew with 3 strollers! It was a little drizzly but the kids were tough and Grace and Jacob didn't mind the rain. Hopefully next time we can let them play at the park and have a picnic together.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Carter's first boat ride...a memorable one!

We went to mom and dad Meeuwsen's after church yesterday for lunch and a boat ride. We thought we would just go for a nice cruise down to Saugatuck and turn around and come back. We had to be back for Bible Study anyway (that didn't happen!). We'll things didn't quite go as planned. In the Saugatuck channel we lost steering completely so we thankfully were at a spot where we could quick tie up. Soon after, the Geerling's family from church stopped to make a long story short they ended up towing us all the way back to Holland at a big 5 mphs! 2.5 hours later we were finally back. There is much more to the story and more that happened after we got back but let's just say Brian doesn't miss boating as badly as before (okay, maybe he still does)! Carter wanted to make sure we knew he was always around too...he blew through 2 outfits! This is Brian smiling before the big blow out occurred on his jeans! :)

We quick put his life jacket on b/c we spotted the Sheriff....isn't he sticken cute??? He was quite the trooper and did great...he slept through most of the action!

5 Random Things

I was tagged by Martha to share 5 random things about goes nothing!

1. I am allergic to dogs and horses and about anything hairy. My dad started training and racing horses when I was born and never knew I would be allergic to the darn things! I remember a field trip to his farm when I was in elementary school and I had to sit outside the whole time or else I would be sneezing and wheezing. When I was little I would sneeze when my mom would do my hair. Thankfully I grew out of that. And dogs...I make sure I take a Claritin when I know I am going to someones house with a dog (and yes, almost everyone has them!) and I always carry my inhaler with just in case.

2. I started off college thinking I was going to become a CPA (Certified Public Accountant)...yeah, right! We all know I am not smart enough for that. I didn't figure that out until my senior year in college when I switched to HR...much easier and it gives me a reason to be chatty at work...need to make sure employees are happy, right??!!

3. It drives me nuts that Brian can go outside and not be attached by mosquitos. As most of you know we live in some thick woods and with the standing water around here they practically carry me away. Brian can be outside for hours (without bug spray on) and not get bitten. I was out for 5 minutes on Saturday watering my flowers and came in with over 5 bites on one stinks! And I hate wearing bug spray but made sure I showered in it this weekend. :) At least I can say that I must have sweet blood!

4. Someone at work told me that you have babies just like your mom did. It was quite something when Carter was born posterior (face up) and 8 days was I!!! Crazy, eh?

5. more....I guess I would have to say I am obsessed with checking my email. I love getting emails; daily I am checking my personal and work email accounts several times. I know email is less personal than phone calls but so much more convenient! Along with email I love blogging and checking others keep yours updated to amuse me and I will try and do the same!

I tag: Vicki, Kim, Briana, Kathy, and Jodi.