Monday, May 31, 2010

Busy, busy! was a busy week that flew by! Loved the beautiful weather and definitely took advantage of it! One of Carter's many nicknames is 'mini me' b/c he not only looks like his dad but as you can see he has to do everything just like him! Don't mind our needs some help!
Tuesday (I think!) we went to go play with the Busscher boys. Carter and Jackson had fun playing in the sandbox, riding the gator and swimming in the pool.
Wednesday night Brian was helping DeWitts move into their new house so me and the boys went to our nieces t-ball game. Carter made a friend pretty quick and they played catch. Check out that form! :)
Friday Alyssa and Kaylee and their mom came over to play. Carter and Alyssa had fun playing together and me and Vicki had fun catching up! Here they are having some cheese and crackers for a snack.
Most Friday nights we grill out and have a bonfire with our neighbors. Carter played HARD as you can see...he was FULL of dirt and came in kicking and screaming b/c he was having so much fun.
Saturday Carter's fav little neighbor girl Syndey came over to swim in his pool. They would stand on the little steps, count and jump in. They just giggle and giggle when they are together.
Needed a picture for church for baptism on Sunday so I snapped a few of Trey after Carter was in bed on Saturday. Love him to pieces!
Yesterday afternoon we hung out at mom and dad Meeuwsen's pool and then once the boys were up from naps we went out on the boat. We went out to the big lake so Brian could drive his race boat. It was fun to watch it go over the waves. (I think something bit Carter's was rosy all night but fine today).

Trey's first boat ride...he slept through most of it. My sweet little lovebug.
Today we enjoyed Memorial Day by going to the pancake breakfast at South Olive School then hung out at home and headed to the Meeuwsen get together tonight. Best pic of my boys in their red, white and blue. :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Master & Mistress

Saturday night Brian and I were Master and Mistress for my cousin Stephanie and her (now) husband Jason's wedding. The ceremony was at Borculo CRC and the reception was at the Fish and Game club. It was a busy couple of days but it was a lot of fun and everything went great and it was a picture perfect day for a wedding.

This is my dad's brother Ken and their family. So beautiful!
The wedding party.
Me and my mom. :) I hope I look as good as her when I am her age!
And thanks to our wonderful parents for watching the boys for us this weekend! Thought I better share a couple pictures of them too. As you can see Carter tries to smile but can't figure out how to smile and keep his eyes open so it looks like a scowl. Trey has it down pat too. :)

He's getting to big way to fast!!! :(

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mothers Day #2

Sunday we celebrated Mothers Day with my family as well as my brother and Grandma DeJonge's birthdays. My brother opted for a truffle which was way easier for me to make than a cake! Of course Carter had to help Uncle Mike and Great Grandma blow out the candles.
My mom and all her 'kids!' :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Who's who?

Couple fun comparison pictures of my boys!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Photo shoot--Pre Trey

A few days before Trey was born one of Brian's co-workers wife took some maternity/family/kid pics to help build her portfolio for her photography business. Even though I was not a fan of my belly I know down the road I will appreciate the pictures. We went to the local school for her to snap some pictures. Here are just a few of my favorites. No, we did not know we were having a boy. Jen made one of these for a girl too. And for those that are curious her name would have been Jade Evelyn (middle name after my Grandma Boers). Carter would have been Trinity Ann (middle name after my mom) if he were a girl. :) Up in the tree!
Playing with daddy on the playground. So excited! Giving momma some love. Afterward she came and snapped some of Carter in the tub too. :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mothers Day Party #1

Sunday we celebrated Mothers Day with Brian's family at his parents house. Kate and I both forgot our cameras but were able to use Karen's to get some pictures. The kids LOVE grandma's new piano and like to sit at it and play it (or watch it play itself!). It was a little chilly out but we managed to get some pics. Me and my boys. :) I thought this one turned out when I quick looked at it but apparently Brian forgot to open his eyes...need to try for a better family pic this coming Sunday with my family.
Mom Meeuwsen and her boys. :)
Brian's brother and his family. Sadly they are moving to Nebraska as Eric is running the new ethanol plant ZFS started up called Nebraska Corn Processing (NCP). They say its temporary and only for a year so we are holding them to that! It's going to be a hard summer for Carter to not have 'the girls' to play or swim with at Grandma's house. Kate started a blog called Never Say on the feel free to follow their journey!
Grandma Karen and her grandkids! We needed a new picture for her frame now that Trey is here!
My parents and my brother and his wife both had other things up this past Sunday so we are celebrating with them this coming weekend.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tulip Time Fun

Me and my boys had a great week enjoying the sights and sounds (and junk food!) of Tulip Time. So for four days in a row I successfully got both boys ready and out the door! These pics are in no particular order...just some of my favs.

First off...the tulips at our house. They came up great this year.
On Thursday we met Amy, Norah and Ethan downtown to watch Jen dance and go for a walk. We also got some great pics of the kids...this one is definitely my favorite one. We both had to sign model release forms from some of these shots...maybe they'll be published someday!
And believe it or not we ran into cookie monster! The kids weren't to sure what to think of him at first so we had to get in the picture as well.
My two little dudes.
Wednesday we went to the parade with Jen and Liam and a whole crew of friends. On the way back to the car Carter thought he needed to get out and pull Liam.
Tuesday night I picked up my mom and dad and we headed downtown to watch Jen dance.
Jen is our fabulous costume maker and it works out great that Liam can wear Carter's from last year and Trey could wear Carter's from two years ago. Thankfully she bought the whole roll of fabric as I LOVE the green!
Monday night we were able to drag daddy downtown to get some pictures. We knew it wouldn't be so busy and it was a beautiful night so we were able to get a few. A nice lady volunteered to take one of all of us.
Me and my lovebug. :) I am pretty sure he slept through his entire experience of Tulip Time. Oh to be a newborn.
Brian and Carter checking out the goldfish in the pond.
It was a great week and we definitely got our use out of the boys costumes! I may be biased but they were the two most adorable little dutch boys!

Monday, May 3, 2010

The last couple of weeks

As you can see Carter LOVES his baby brother. He always wants to hold him and give him kisses. He does just fine when I am feeding him and has been very patient with mommy but doesn't always want to listen. Some days my heart breaks for the little guy as I know his world has been turned over and I need to remember what he is going through too! Thankfully Trey is a VERY content baby so it allows me a lot of one on one time with Carter. He is still adjusting and has his moments but every day seems to get better.
Our little lovebug, Trey. I could just hold him all day and kiss him to pieces. LOVE that soft baby skin and how he goes right into the fetal position when you hold him! He has been sleeping 4-6 hour stretches at night which is awesome! Carter was such a good baby and I never thought I could get lucky with two good ones but so far we have been spoiled again.
Thursday Jackson, Greyson and his mommy came over to bring us dinner and Carter gave Jackson his 2nd birthday presents. The boys were so cute together and thought they were pretty cool both sitting in Carter's chair. Later they were both in the toy box together!
Saturday we headed to the Dandelion Festival for the parade and fun and games. Carter had so much fun on this bouncy/slide thing and he also loved to ride the ponies again. It was a fun morning and so cute to watch him love the parade and collect all the candy!