Saturday, January 30, 2010

30 on 30!

Today Brian turns the BIG 3-0! He is pretty spoiled b/c we are celebrating over two weekends. Thursday night I made cupcakes for him to take to work Friday so before I decorated them Carter wanted to blow out a candle so we sang to daddy and had a treat. Friday I made Brian's birthday cake for our celebration with both of our families.
Our nieces and Carter helping open gifts at mom and dad's house last night.
Singing happy birthday!
Ya think Carter enjoyed the cake?
Quick pose of me and my wonderful husband!
This morning we started Brian's birthday by going out for breakfast. Then we came home to open gifts. Carter was excited to help daddy open his presents.
We surprised Brian and bought him a R/C power boat. Once in a while he checks these out online and hasn't in a long time so it was a fun surprise. He had no clue! Hopefully we can test it out in Florida! (The rest of the presents were all clothes). :)
Tonight we have the ZFS winter party so we are celebrating his birthday with all of our friends next weekend. The fun continues! Thank you Brian for being an AMAZING daddy and husband! We love you and wish you many more years!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Carter's new ride

Well I broke down this week and finally ordered Carter and baby a double stroller. I really liked all the options of the Kolcraft Contours one but it was bright red and I am kind of picky and wanted something to match the car seat so I was looking again this week and they came out with a new one with a few more options and it matches! It came today so we put it together tonight. I really like it and it does have a ton of cool features and options to it. Seems like a bus compared to a single stroller but I am sure I will get used to it! :) As you can see Carter loved it too!

As far as an update on baby and I....I have been feeling great through this entire pregnancy. As of my last appt. I had not gained any weight so I was pleased with that but I feel like I am really getting big lately and the baby seems to be growing quick! The baby is VERY active and is starting to work him or herself up into my rib cage...much like Carter which was very painful so I hope he or she stays a little lower! The heartbeat has been right around 150-155 at each appt...Carter was always around 145-150. We have our names all set and now that Carter is moved downstairs we can start and get the nursery ready again. All is well and we are excited to meet this little one in 3 months!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Big Boy Bed

Today Carter's new furniture for his bedroom arrived so we were excited to put his new bedding on and Carter was just as excited to have trucks on his bed so we thought we would see how he would do downstairs in his new room! So far we haven't heard a peep out of him!

Here is a before picture of the empty bedroom.
His new bed and bedding.
When he woke up from his nap I took him downstairs to check it all out. He was saying up, up and wanted to get right on his new bed. He loved his new truck bedding!
His new dresser.
Getting tucked in and singing Jesus Loves Me.

We still have a lot of his stuff to move down and some canvas pictures to hang but it's a start!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Years 2010

On New Years Eve we had our annual party at Tim and Jen's. My how times have changed! It was boys, boys and more boys! Here is the best picture I got of the five of them. Look how good our little guy is posing? :) From left to right > Carter, Jacob, Jace, Liam and Deacon. And then it turned into this....HILARIOUS!! They were sure a lot of fun this year playing together! We had a great night with a lot of friends and of course our Catch Phrase tournament!
On New Years Day we headed up to Brian's brother's cabin. Everyone except me did some snowmobiling...didn't want to risk it with being pregnant and it was COLD out. I got frost bite just from going cross country skiing! Carter wanted to ride the vroom, vroom with daddy so out they went on Saturday. He didn't even put up a fuss wearing the helmet. And of course he LOVED snowmobiling!
Then they came back and Carter went sledding behind the snowmobile with his cousins (aka 'the girls') and Grandma. The helmets kept their faces warm so they just kept them on. :)
Overall it was a fun weekend and Carter sure misses his cousins. The poor kid had tears in his eyes on Tuesday when he thought they would be at grandma's to play. He got used to seeing them a lot over Christmas break.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas 2009

Apparentely I can only upload a few pics at once so I am just putting a few up of our Christmas parties with our immediate families. We were truly blessed by our parents and siblings and had such a wonderful Christmas with all of them. We are so thankful for our Christian homes and all the love that was shown to us.

Christmas Eve we went to mom and dad DeJonge's to celebrate.

Christmas morning snuggling in bed with daddy.

Christmas morning we went to mom and dad Meeuwsen's house.

Brian's brother and his family.

Grandpa and Grandma and their grandkids. Isn't it scary how much Carter and grandpa look alike?? The girls got American girl dolls that had to be in the picture too. :)

Christmas night Carter got to open a few presents from us.