Monday, March 30, 2009

Right on track

Carter had his one year appt. this morning and he is right on track according to the doctor. He weighed 20 lbs. 11 oz. (25th percentile) and was 29.5 inches (just under 50th percentile). So still a little fart but he is doing great developmentally. And he did just fine last night with no bottle and the doctor was happy about that. He had to get 4 shots which didn't make him so happy but they sure made for a great afternoon nap!

I have to say a big thanks especially to Martha, Kathy and Vicki for all their advice over the past year with raising Carter. You probably hardly noticed all the questions (or maybe you did!) I asked but they sure helped in raising a happy and healthy little guy and I sure appreciate your advice! You girls mean a lot to me!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our baby turned ONE!

Yesterday believe it or not our little guy turned one. I still can't believe that he is ONE already! Just a year ago he was just a little peanut.
As you seen from the invites from a previous post his party had a monkey theme. Since we have small enough families we were able to just have one party. Here is the monkey cake I made along with some cookies (thanks to Kathy for the idea).

All of Carter's monkey friends and his own little monkey cake.
Crawling away to get to his presents. Don't you LOVE his shirt....thanks to!
Trying out some of his gifts.
Yeah, Jenni made him a dutch costume! Can't wait to see Liam, Cameron and Carter all matching!
Family pic and thanks to the DeWitts for the monkey decor! :) And Carter showing everyone he is one.
LOVE this pic of him and Great Grandma. Him and his little smirk is too cute.

Time for cake! He is watching everybody wondering why they are looking at him and singing.

He wasn't too sure of the cake at first but once he finally tasted it he dug right in!

Today daddy put together his Cozy Coupe and he LOVED it. I think he could sit in it all day.

And he loves being pulled in his wagon. We are ready for warm weather to get outside and play with his toys.
A HUGE thank you to everyone who sent cards, dropped off gifts and came to his party. He is a spoiled little guy and he sure is LOVED. Our house is full of plastic but to see our little guy so happy is worth every bit! We had to do some rearranging tonight and put away the baby stuff to make room for the new stuff.
Carter also went to bed tonight with no bottles today so we will see how he sleeps! He is turning into a big boy way too fast! Tomorrow we have his one year appt. so I am excited to hear his stats.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Today is my mom's birthday. We were supposed to head to Snug Harbor for dinner and then Mike and Kim's for cake and ice-cream but Kim is sick so instead we just did cake and ice-cream at mom and dad's and are planning to do dinner next week.
My mom truly is my best friend and we talk every day. Carter loves to have her babysit on Thursday's and I am so thankful for both of our moms for being so willing to watch him. Grandma always spoils Carter and is giving him things....he even got a little something tonight on her birthday! Thanks mom for being such a blessing to our family. We love you!
Today also brings back a lot of memories of a year ago when I was in labor with, time sure flies! I have been reliving the day in my head all day and even though it wasn't so fun I would go back in a heart beat. We are so excited to celebrate Carter's 1st birthday tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our baby is turning ONE!

Carter is so excited to be one next week that he wanted to show you himself. (Sorry another sideway video).

I know I didn't need to send out invites b/c its just family and a few friends but his party will be a monkey theme so I saw the idea of using the letters and I thought to put him in his Halloween costume and couldn't resist.

Carter also started daycare today. He will just be going on Wednesday's when I work a half day. He LOVED it today and did awesome. Most the kids are from our church and his buddy Jace is there too. The lady keeps a journal of what they eat, when they sleep, what they play with, etc....its really neat. It will be good for him to get some interaction with other kids too.

Monday, March 16, 2009

First Day on the Job

Saturday morning I had a bridal shower to go to so Brian was on dad duty. He thought he should go into work for an hour so he took Carter along. So Carter geared up in his ZFS sweatshirt so he could be disguised as an employee. Brian said he fit right in but daddy didn't get much work done. He just went and showed off his little buddy to everyone. :)

Look who's on the move...finally!!

Carter finally figured out crawling last week and wow, it really changes things! We didn't need to baby proof anything until now but he is teaching us fast what we need to do! He is a lot happier now that he can get around and he thinks he's big stuff. He loves to chase the kitty cat around (as you can see in the video). Oh my, as I am typing this I just had to get up as I heard him getting into the cat bowl!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Comedy Night = Date Night

If anyone doesn't have anything to do Saturday night I invite you to come hear Jeff Allen at our church. Everyone could use a laugh in today's hard times. We have listened to blurbs each Sunday and he is funny. I am not sure if I am more excited to hear him or to have a date night with Brian. :)
Comedy Night with JEFF ALLEN
Saturday, March 14, 2009 7:00 PM - 8:15 PM
FREE ADMISSION (no ticket required)

Jeff Allen is the best at what he does -- making people laugh. Jeff's comedy drives home the humor in everyday life and the joy derived from a healthy marriage.
Jeff's humor has caused side-splitting laughter across the world. He's been seen on Comedy Central's Premium Blend, Showtime, VH1's Standup Spotlight, and he regularly performs at the Grand Old Opry, among other places.
This show is family-oriented, so feel free to invite friends of all ages. Oh, and get ready to laugh.

Sponsored by JQ99 and Community Reformed Church

Monday, March 9, 2009

Come casual

Saturday night we didn't have anything going on so we called Tim and Jen so they came over with a frozen pizza and of course Liam. I told them to come casual and of course, Tim had to make me laugh as you can see in the pic what he came over wearing.

Here are the two dudes in their PJ's ready for bed. This was before Carter tackled Liam and drew joke. Good thing he's tough!
We had a fun night of pizza and lots of Wii!

Monday, March 2, 2009

First Friends Birthday Party

Saturday night we were invited to Jacob DeWitt's 2nd birthday party. He had a farm theme and Martha had everything so cutely decorated. Even down to Jacob's little farmer shirt. Check out the cow cake she made! It was so cute! Here is Jacob blowing out the candles with the help of the neighbor boy.
Here is Jacob opening our gift. Some rain boots along with some stuff to help mom plant flowers.

Here is future trouble! Carter, Jacob and Deacon. Deacon was so content all night...I dare say he could compete with Carter. Brian wanted to take him home.
Here are the boys along with Norah and Addison. Jacob loved his barn!
Here he is modeling his gardening gloves and boots. He kept wanting to go outside and find some dirt.
Thanks Jason and Martha for having us over!