Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Randomness

Completely random post of some things we have been up to!

A few weeks back we headed out to Grand Haven for a nice walk along the boardwalk. It was a gorgeous night and Carter even talked Brian into buying us some ice cream. :) We don't get out there as much as we used to so it was a great family night.
Our little pirate Trey. His eyes seem extremely sensitive to the light so if you have seen him this summer you have definitely seen this look! :)
I love all our summer traditions and another one is going to our friend's parents house on Green Lake. It gets busier each year with all the kids but it was a HOT day and the kiddos all napped so we got to relax too. Here Pete is running in the sprinkler ball with Jace and Carter. The water balloons they brought were a hit too!
Carter and Brian heading out for a sea doo ride.
Our neighbor Sydney came over one night to play and first Trey came upstairs eating chalk and I should have known there was trouble downstairs. Next Syd and Carter came up and had covered their faces and told me they were clowns. :) I had to laugh and snap a picture.
To cool off one night last week we went to the splash pad in Allendale. It took Carter a while to warm up to it but once he found some cute little girls to play with he was all about it.
Sunday night we celebrated our nephew Kasen's first birthday. An adorable farm theme....Kim did a great job...so cute!
Took a minute for Kasen to dig in...he loved all the attention. It was so cute.
Cousins! Kasen loves his thumb as much as Trey does. :) We had to snap a picture quickly!
I'll try better to update more often!

Big Star Weekend

A few weekends ago we went to Big Star Lake with DeWitts. Each year we add another baby so the cottage seems to be shrinking! The kids did great though and we had a beautiful weekend. Here are the three amigos (aka trouble!): Jacob, Carter and Deacon.
Thankfully Trey was over his two weeks of being crabby and was really happy all weekend. He was content either playing in the sand or with buckets of water. And LOVED hanging out with the dog Quincy (chocolate lab) too.
After seeing Carter go for a tube ride with daddy there was no way that daddy wasn't going to take Trey! He had a blast and thought he was big stuff!
Carter didn't like his tube ride with daddy but thought he would have fun with Martha and Jacob and then he loved it! A little bribery of candy and chocolate milk helped too. :)
Brian tried out the wakeboard and got right up on his second try...
Jason took a turn as well.
One project was for Brian and Jason to put this water trampoline together. We 'bathed' in the middle of the lake so the boys rode on the tramp as we towed it out.
Is Deacon not the cutest?? I didn't get any pictures of Tenley but she was such a good baby all weekend...I loved to hold her and cuddle with her! It was good for Carter and Trey to be around a little one as well..they both did great.
Sunday morning Brian and Jason took Carter and Jacob for a kayak ride.
Buddies! So cute!
Oh and yes, I was on this vacation too...a quick picture for proof. The boys were just up from naps.
Thanks again Jason and Martha for another wonderful weekend....LOVE our summer tradition!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wonderful Holiday Weekend

What a great weekend! Friday night Brian got to take this fun toy home from work since he couldn't ride his 'crotch rocket' b/c it was raining. They boys thought it was so cool to have a monster truck to take a ride in!
Saturday morning I went and got a pedicure with my mom and then Brian and his buddies went golfing so me and the neighbor ladies and all the kids went to Briana's parents house to swim for the afternoon. Trey had fun floating around.
Carter and Sydney played and played and played!
Sunday we went to Beechwood's outdoor church service (aka 'Donut church') and then went to mom and dad Meeuwsen's for lunch and headed out on the boat to Laketown beach. Trey slept the entire afternoon on the boat and Carter played, climbed, dug, etc. and had sand in every nook and cranny possible!

Ah...this is the life!
Monday morning we got up and went on the boat and headed to Saugatuck for breakfast. The lake was so calm and peaceful and it was a beautiful ride. Once we got back we hung out at the pool for the afternoon. The boys took nice naps so we all got a nap in around the pool!
Trey having fun playing in the water with Grandpa Cliff. We got home Monday night around 5:30 and didn't have any plans for the night but we came home to our neighbors throwing a party with their friends...perfect! They invited us over and we joined in the fun. This was Carter's first time doing Sparklers and he thought they were pretty cool!
Our messy, messy little guy.
Carter was so excited there were a lot of little boys to play with for once! They had fun running around and trying out the boys gator. They weren't too sure of the big booms of the fireworks though. After the boys were in bed they let the big ones off...they were impressive and I have no clue how our boys slept through them! (that isn't me in the background...that is the other little boys momma due at the end of the month with boy #3) :)
Hope everyone else enjoyed the beautiful weekend!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Turning 30 wasn't so bad...

when you have great friends and family! I think I strung it out over a week between lunch and dinners with friends and two parties! Sunday night my parents had both our families over to celebrate and surprised me by inviting extra family members and my BFF Jen and her fam over as well. It was a beautiful night.
Carter helping me open presents.
30 circles with #30 on it...made by Cakes by Carol....fabulous!
Carter and Liam helping me blow out the candles.
Even my co-workers had fun decorating my office with post-it notes.
On my actual birthday Brian told me we were going to go out on his parents boat to go to Boatwerks for dinner. As we pulled in there were quite a few cars there and he surprised me with a cook out with all our friends and family!

The kids were excited to swim in the pool and it is so nice now that we can just put a life jacket on Carter and he can swim by himself.
Cake #2!
My fav neighbor girls...Abby, Sydney, Kylee and Rylee.
Sydney, Carter and Jacob having fun on the swing.
Brian stayed home in the morning so the boys could sing happy birthday to me. I have been having fun with my new Nook Color and as you can see Carter was more excited about the M&M's he got me. :)
And a HUGE thank you to my amazing husband for such an incredible birthday. He really made it special and I truly am blessed!