Sunday, April 25, 2010

Brotherly Love

...need I say more?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Welcome Trey Brian!

Trey Brian Meeuwsen was born today at 4:51 p.m. He weighed 7 lbs. 1 oz. and was 19 inches long. He is just perfect...with a little stork bite like his brother had. :) Here are a few pics and below the birth story. Yes, Jenni made the adorable matching shirts. :) Carter LOVES his little brother so far and was more into him than I thought he would be. It was so sweet.
Birth Story---I went to the Dr. yesterday and not much was happening. We actually were going to get induced next Monday if nothing happened by then. I was due this Saturday (the 24th). This morning about 3:30 the contractions started and were pretty steady. We got to the hospital at 9:00 and the Dr. came in at 1:00 and broke my water. Then the contractions got pretty intense pretty fast. I had the epidural around 3:45 and unfortunately it was a little late b/c he came at 4:51 already. With Carter he took a long time so I wanted to hold off on the epidural as long as I could. After both of my experiences of the epidural wearing off with Carter and now it not kicking in fast enough I am pretty sure I could have done it without drugs! Anyway, he came into the world screaming and it was so fun to be able to hold him right away, have Brian cut the cord, etc. b/c with Carter he came out not breathing and it was scary! Our families came tonight to see us and now its time for bed as I am sure tomorrow will be busy! We are so blessed and can't wait to see our two little boys grow up together!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Trying to get out of a rut

I feel like for some time now (probably a few years!!) that each week I find myself making the same meals and with working part time it's hard to come home and quick whip something up before Brian gets home. So I headed over to my favorite recipe site,, and headed over to the 1 bag, 5 dinners section and printed off a couple weeks. The first week I did Bag 4 under Chicken and Pork and last week/this week I am doing Bag 3 under Chicken and Beef. I was suprised as to how much of the ingredients I already had in the house and it definitely made me make some recipes I have not tried before. So far it's been very satifsifying to hear how much Brian has enjoyed them and I even overheard him telling others about some things we have tried. Yeah! So I encourage you to check it out or visit my friend Kathy's blog....she often posts some yummy, easy recipes as well!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Let's go racing!

Saturday it was the first Test and Tune of the season at Berlin Raceway in Marne where Brian's Uncle Ross Meeuwsen races and Carter ALWAYS needs to go by him at church...although he is always so shy at church for some reason! He talks about seeing him all morning! Anyway, it was so nice last Saturday so we thought it would be fun to take Carter to see the race cars. He thought it was really cool and kept his ear muffs on the whole time. He did enjoy going up and down the bleachers to and the triplets came so they entertained him. :)

Johnny Benson was not so nice and spun Ross out right in front of us. Carter now talks about Uncle Ross spinning out. He doesn't miss a thing!
I am sure Carter will be back this summer with daddy to watch the race cars!

Monday, April 12, 2010

The countdown is on!

Just two more weeks til baby #2 arrives! I haven't put much on the blog about this pregnancy so I thought I was due for a post. I had my 38 week appt. today and I am dialated to 1.5 and about 50% thinned so nothing much happening and the Dr. said he will probably see me next week. Carter came 8 days early so it is hard knowing what will happen this time. The heartbeat with this baby has been anywhere between 140 and 160 so it's hard saying what this one will be! Dr. G. says a boy and that's what I think too...a lot of others think girl so we will find out in a few weeks...I am definitely getting anxious! I am NOT into belly pics but thought I probably should post a picture of me for those of you I don't see often.

Amazingly I have only gained 13 lbs. this pregnancy....the Dr. wasn't concerned and said he was impressed actually. I am measuring a few centimeters small but I typically did with Carter too. I am definitely starting to get uncomfortable and am sporting some lovely cankles so I am ready! Well, that is, AFTER my hair appt. on Wednesday...then I will be officially ready! Brian laughs but hey...a girl needs to look good, right?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Weekend

Last Saturday night we went to DeWitts for pizza and to hang out. Jacob and Deacon LOVE to be read to so they easily conned Brian into reading them a story. Deacon was Brian's little buddy all was cute.Sunday we enjoyed our Easter service at church and then went to my Aunt and Uncle's house for lunch. Snapped a quick family pic.
Thanks to my BFF Jen for making Carter's tie...Liam sported his on Sunday too. The other one in his two year pictures she made as well. She rocks! Tomorrow I am treating her to breakfast and pedicures for all her hard work! Just this week she showed up with a dutch costume for Carter...I tell ya...she SPOILS me!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A sneak peek

Click here or click on the Captured Memories blog link on the right to check out Carter's 2 year pics we had yesterday. We headed downtown Holland which has so many cool spots. He did SO good (for a 2 year old!) and of course I think he is a super stud and they are adorable! Thanks Jenn!