Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Fun

 Well I have been horrible at taking pictures so I don't have a ton from the last two weeks but that doesn't mean we haven't been having fun!  Let's start off with Carter's swimming lessons.  This year we tried something different b/c I felt that he needed something more intense so we took lessons in Holland through Julie's Swim School.  Let's say I was AMAZED.  The day before lessons Carter wouldn't even jump into the shallow with his life jacket on where he could touch.  Check out the videos of his 4th (and last) day of lessons.  She is going to start doing year-round lessons this fall and we can't wait! 
 Some of his buddies from class. We didn't know any families in class but made some new friends.
 Go buddy go!

 And the test to see if he passed the class.  Always smiling!

Unfortunately Brian was in PA on my b-day so thankfully I have two wonderful friends that spoiled me. The day before my b-day my BFF Kathy took me out for dinner and on my birthday my other BFF Jen took me out to Grand Haven.  We had a lot of fun and it's always fun having girls nights with no kids! :)  Brian and I did finally get to go out and celebrate this weekend...we had a great date in Saugatuck. 
 We celebrated with Brian's family the Sunday before and with my family the Sunday after along with my SIL Kim's birthday.  We obviously came from the pool (looking like a ragamuffin!).
 On June 30 we had our 3rd Annual Amber Rose Pig Roast.  It's a party we throw with 3 of our neighbors.  We think we had about 200-250 attend.  Always a good time!


On our days home we often keep cool in the kiddie pool!

On July 3 we went out on mom and dad Meeuwsen's boat to watch the fireworks at the State Park.  It was Trey's first time seeing fireworks.  He didn't like how loud they were but still loved them.  Sadly this was the only picture I took!  We spent the night over night and chilled at the pool the next day.  Definitely the most relaxing holiday we have had in a long time!

And we can't forget about our little miss Jade that turned 9 months on June 23.  She is still our little peanut!  She weighed 15 lbs. 11 oz. (5th %) and was 27 inches (25th %).  I thought for sure she would have finally moved past the 5th percentile..she eats like a PIG!  I have never had a baby eat like this.  My mom even video taped it.  It's hilarious.  She still takes two great naps each day, she's almost crawling, waves bye-bye, does 'so-big' and claps.  She is a HAPPY baby and we can't get enough of her!  She is definitely a BUSY body and never sits still so I think once she's mobile we are in trouble.