Monday, May 23, 2011

It's a GIRL!

We had our 20 week ultrasound today and were thrilled and surprised to see that baby #3 is a GIRL!! The baby looked healthy and it always amazes me all the fine details you can see. The baby was very active and the tech had to work for her money (may have had to do with the smarties I ate beforehand :)) but she got all the pictures she needed. Since this baby was a surprise and our miracle baby, as we like to say, we thought my due date was Oct. 15 but she measured with a due date of Oct. 6 so we shall see if Dr. G. changes my due date or not. Carter is so excited to tell people that he is having a baby sister and I showed him the ultrasound pictures and he said, "Aw, she's so cute mom." :)

Tulip Time

We once again celebrated Holland's Tulip Time with our little dutch boys in style. We went downtown a couple of nights with our families and also hit the Wednesday parade with Jen and Liam and the DeWitt and Bouwens crew. It was great weather this year and we had a lot of fun soaking up the festivities and of course the junk food!
Mom and Dad De Jonge with the boys.
The boys with our nephew was next to impossible to get a good picture!
My brother Mike and sister-in-law Kim with Kasen.
Couple of family pictures.
Wednesday parade with Deacon and Jacob. I left Trey at day care so he could get a nap in and so I could have some one on one time with was definitely worth it and fun!
Jen and Liam.
Dutch dancing! :)
It was HOT so all the kiddos didn't last to long in their costumes.

The Meeuwsen boys with the dutch statues.

Mom and dad Meeuwsen with the boys.
Looking forward to next year with three little ones!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Mothers Day

Mothers Day was a busy day of going to both of our families and squeezing in some outdoor time since it was so nice outside but we had a great day and I am so thankful to be a mom to these amazing (and adorable) little guys.

Me and my boys at my parents house.
Picture of the moms. Our SIL Kim and nephew Kasen along with my mom and my dad's mom. We forgot to include the guys in a picture...oops!
After naps we headed to mom and dad Meeuwsen's for supper. Grandma Karen surprised Trey with a birthday cake since they were still in Florida over his b-day.

Can you tell he is just dying to dig in?
Brian and his mom.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Dandelion Festival

Saturday morning after Brian ran the Tulip Time Run (and did great!) we headed to downtown Borculo for the annual Dandelion Festival. They have an area for the little kids and Carter LOVED the games and inflatables. The best part is that every thing is FREE...the food, games, etc....we had a lot of fun and the weather was perfect.

Hooking a fish with daddy.
Getting ready to watch the parade with Grandma Mary Ann. She volunteered at the event (hence the lovely hat). :)

Came home and the boys just had to ride the gator. I didn't think Trey would be able to stay on but Brian strapped him in and away they went!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Boys and their toys

The ONLY (yes, only my little girlies!) benefit of our nieces moving to Nebraska was that they didn't take their JD Gator with and said our boys could use it. So, Brian surprised Carter and took it home on Saturday for him. We were amazed at how quickly he figured it out and has the gears and reverse all down pat already! He has literally driven it every day since then and drives it until the battery goes dead...he's going to be wearing a path in the grass around the neighborhood soon enough! Thanks Eric and Kate and girls!

Didn't take long for him to go pick up his BF Syndey. She has her own gator too so now they just follow each other around. :)

Can't forget about our little guy Trey and his car! He loves to fly down the driveway hill just as Carter always did at this age!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our little dutch model

At work today someone mentioned to me they seen Carter in the 2011 Shoreline Visitors Guide so after work I made sure to run out and grab a few copies. They usually put them at local stores and restaurants in the area.
I remember last year signing a waiver for a photographer who was taking pictures of him during Tulip Time but never thought anything would come of it. Check out our featured little dutch boy!
Also spotted on this page with his friend Norah. They were being so cute playing by the tulips together and were the cutest little dutch couple. :)

Looks like they post the magazine online as well but 2011 isn't on there yet.

Monday, May 2, 2011


More for my own personal reference as I turn this blog into a book I wanted to jot down Carter and Trey's three year and one year stats. Last week we headed to the Dr. and at first I told myself I could do it alone but then last minute asked Brian to come with me. With the boys being so busy and since the appt. was for both boys I was sure glad he came! And it's literally across the street from ZFS so no inconvenience there!

Anyway, Carter weighed 35 lbs. and was 37.75 inches tall. He was in the 75th percentile for weight and 50th for height. He passed all the 'tests' the Dr. did with him with flying colors and is right on track and healthy! He did have to get a booster for one of his vaccines so it was definitely nice to have daddy with b/c I wasn't expecting that! I do have to share two funny things he said lately that just cracked us up. At dinner the other night I was asking him what letter Carter started with, Trey, daddy, etc. and then I said Kelly, which I wasn't sure he knew. NO joke he said umm...P...M....S. :) Had NO clue what he was saying but unfortunately daddy agreed! Ha, ha...he wasn't sure why we were laughing so hard. Then on the way to church that night he wanted to take his cell phone and he flips it open and says, "Hi, my name is Carter. Do you have a Bible in your house? " I think we have an evangelist on our hands! I have to say his favorite book lately is definitely the Bible...he could sit for hours and read stories and most mornings he is reading it in his bed when he gets precious!

Then on to our little Trey man. Aka 'baby'. He weighed 20 lbs. and was 29.5 inches. 10th percentile for weight and between the 25th and 50th for height. He definitely doesn't seem that little to me! He had to get 4 shots and was right on track as well but unfortunately is on his 3rd diff. med for his ear infection that he can't seem to get rid of. No talk of tubes yet...hoping this med works!

Both of our boys are definitely little cuddle bugs. They both suck their fingers; Carter his middle two on his left hand and Trey his thumb on his right hand. They love to have their blankies in hand and it's crazy but both their favs are from our good friend Martha, so the pressure is on for baby #3 Marth! Every night Carter tells me, "I always like to cuddle with my mommy." And I LOVE it. They both fight over my lap but I'll take it and I love to snuggle! Going to have to grow a 3rd leg for baby #3! They are truly the most amazing blessings in our lives and we are looking forward to adding another to add to these busy boys!