Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another little Meeuwsen is on the way!

Yes, it's true, we are having baby #3! This baby is definitely a miracle baby and truly a blessing from God. With the boys we had to go through several months of heavy meds so we left it up to God if we were supposed to have number 3 and he blessed us with quite the surprise! We are due the middle of October and will know the exact due date at our 20 week ultrasound. We went in last week and we were able to hear the heartbeat so the Dr. is thinking we were 10-11 weeks along so by this weekend I'll be through the first trimester already! We will be finding out this time so that will be kind of fun to experience since we were surprised with the boys. I have been feeling great as I did with the boys, which has been a huge blessing with two little ones. And compared to my 10 week appt. with Trey I was 30 lbs. lighter starting out this pregnancy so it feels great to not have gained all that weight from the meds. And thanks to the FRC wellness challenges that helped shed some lbs. :) We are excited and nervous as it's going to be busy but God can never give you anything you can't handle, right?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Carter turns 3!

We can't believe that Carter James is three already! Time flies! He is such a blessing to our lives...always full of character and has hilarious facial expressions. He keeps us busy and of course is challenging at times but such a cuddle bug too and we wouldn't trade him for the world! Love you buddy! He wanted a John Deere birthday party so daddy and him showed up at our house riding this on Saturday. Spoiled little dude! He was in his glory! Nice to have connections with farmers. :) The boys going for a ride.
Saturday night we had his birthday party with my family; complete with everything John Deere!
My mom's birthday was yesterday so I decorated the other side of the cake for her since we were celebrating both birthdays. Carter got a lot of new 'wheels' for this birthday. Our neighbor Sydney came over to give him a new scooter. She has a matching pink one. :)

He got a big wheel from Grandpa and Grandma.And a bike from mom and dad. He'll be busy outside this summer! He also got new games, squirt guns, puzzles, trucks, etc....so fun to have new stuff to play with!

Blowing out candles with Grandma Ann (it's too hard to say Grandma Mary Ann). :) Doing one of his new puzzles with Grandpa Jim. Family pic. Trey, Carter and cousin Kasen...who also came wearing green. :) These boys are going to be trouble some day!

Sunday to Monday we headed to the Double JJ resort to the waterpark for Carter's birthday. We had a great room and it was nice b/c it was not busy. The boys had a blast and were definitely water rats.

Carter must have thought this slide was a choo-choo train b/c he would make the sound as he slid down it, hence the hands by the face. He loved every bit of the park even though he couldn't do the big slides yet. Today the indoor/outdoor hot springs wasn't too hot for the kiddos so he swam like a fish in it. Playing in the water with daddy.

Our happy water baby!
The resort also had fun stuff upstairs for the kids...crafts, ice-cream, etc. so we kept busy and always had good bribes to get Carter out of the water. :) It was a lot of fun and will be even more fun as the kiddos get older.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Early Birthday Party

Last weekend Eric and Kate and the girls were home from Nebraska. And since Grandpa Cliff and Grandma Karen were leaving for Florida they decided to do an early birthday party for Karinda and Carter.

The party go-ers. Trey and Kylie. The girls just adore him!
Karinda got a Wii so she was really excited to get back home to play it. Before taking this picture I had to laugh b/c I didn't even ask Carter to stop and smile....he already knows the routine of standing by his presents and smiling! :)

His new remote control race car from Uncle Eric, Aunt Kate and the girls. We are excited to be able to go outside and play with it!
Carter and his new Grave Digger truck. It does flips and all! Trey loves to push it around the house too. Carter also got some new clothes for the summer.
Blowing out the candles! It's kind of hard to see but Grandma Karen made the cake 1/2 blue and 1/2 pink for them and Carter got 3 candles and Karinda got 8. They thought that was pretty cool. Karinda's birthday is March 24 and Carter's is March 28.
Birthday buds.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Trey's First Haircut

A couple of weeks ago it was definitely time for Trey to get a trim. His hair over his ears was getting a little out of control and driving Brian nuts. Here is a before picture:

Not too sure about Miss Mindy's clippers. He actually did great. Just got a little antsy toward the end.
Checking out what tool she is using next.

Our little church boy. :)
I never posted on his weight follow up but he gained back over a pound in a month so he is doing just fine. Actually now he is a GREAT eater and cries if you don't get it too him fast enough. He pretty much eats all table foods and likes most everything. He's also getting ready for his first birthday and will show you that he is going to be one. And within the last couple days he is breaking his own thumb sucking habit...his poor thumb is so callused and swollen that he won't suck it so he cries before naps and bedtime but hey...if he breaks that habit already I would be happy! Wishful thinking probably. :) He also pulls himself to standing and will walk around furniture now....hoping he is walking by the time it's spring outside. And of course he is into everything his brother wants to play with!