Friday, October 30, 2009

Girlfriends Getaway

Last weekend me, my mom, Debi and Jenni headed to Chicago on a bus trip with about 50 wild women. It was SO FUN. We had an absolute blast. On Friday we stopped at MI City on the way down and it wasn't raining there! We played some games on the way down and my mom won 2nd place which was $75! She was kind enough to share her winnings with me! :) Friday night we were on our own for dinner so we met up with Ashley DW and her boyfriend Ryan at the Grand Lux...delicious! Here are 3 other beautiful ladies that are friends of Debi's. Tami, Moni, and Michelle. Even though I couldn't have the fun drinks like everyone else, wherever we went the waiters were kind enough to make me a pretty drink too!The whole group including Ashley. Ryan was kind enough to be our photographer and he survived being the only guy with us! Later that night we hit the Howling Moon piano bar...similar to Mojo's...a packed house!
Saturday we headed to Ikea and Woodfield Mall. I had never been to Ikea and I found some good, cheap stuff! The sign on this picture kind of made for a bad glare but we stayed at the Embassy Suites Downtown. Made to order omelets every morning...yum! Beautiful hotel and they treated us great!
Saturday night was definitely a highlight. We went on a dinner cruise off Navy Pier. The food was great, the dancing was fun and they even had fireworks out on the lake. So cool! We had a blast!
Sunday morning we headed to Macy's before they opened and we went to a Smashbox Cosmetics class. They even flew in one of the directors to lead our class. It was a lot of fun and it always feels good to try some new tips. The rest of the day was spent shopping downtown Chicago. It was beautiful and sunny. We made it home about 9:00 Sunday night. Can't wait to go next year!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Play Dates

Yesterday was a busy day with lots of fun! We started off by having lunch at Stacey's house to meet the newest additions Jordyn and Lucy. Dana and Jordyn are here from Colorado so it was nice to catch up with them! Here is Carter already being a big brother and giving Jordyn cute! He did it all on his own and I caught him in the act!
And our best attempt at a group picture...oh my! From left to right...Lucy, Jace, Carter, Liam, Jada, Jordyn and Isaac. The kiddos had lots of fun playing together!
I was playing with Liam on my lap and surprise, surprise who thought he had to squeeze in too? He does okay if I hold infants but kids closer to his age he doesn't like!
Then it was home for a nap and off to Post Family Farms with the OCG's! (Olive Center Girls) The four of us--Beth, Vicki, Jen and I--were neighborhood friends all of our lives. Carter got stung by a bee on his thumb right when we got there but only after a few tears he was fine. He sure swelled up but at least we know he isn't allergic! Here is Carter deciding what pumpkin to pick out. :)
Can't find one mom...need to go on the hayride out to the pumpkin patch! The four kiddos (minus Kaylee) ready for a hayride! Alyssa, Carter, Liam and Jax.
Here mom...I like this one!
After the hayride they got to ride the pumpkin train. They all loved it. Even Liam got to ride and thought he was big was so funny! He's in the one behind Carter.
One more pic of all four...almost as good as our morning pic with the other gang! :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pregnancy Post

Since I haven't posted much on my pregnancy I thought I would with some Q&A...I'll try to think of everything I have been asked! :)
First of all these are the beautiful roses my mom and dad gave us when they found out.Q1: How have you been feeling?
A1: GREAT! Honestly that is one thing I am blessed with when I am pregnant...I can't say I even have any symptons. I was tired for a few days but nothing too bad. The only thing that I can say I have is a bad gagging reflux....I remember this with Carter too. I gag so easily if I cough, change a dirty diaper, brush my teeth, or think I am going to wierd but if that's it then I can deal with it!

Q2: Are you going to find out what you are having?
A2: NOPE! I kind of wanted to this time but Brian doesn't so we aren't going to. Carter's delivery was extremely painful b/c he was posterior so I need something to motivate me to push! It is fun not knowing and that others don't as well.

Q3: Will you move Carter?
A3: YEP! The little guy will have to move to the basement into a big boy bed! Lots of changes to make this winter. This weekend I cleaned out his soon-to-be bedroom and we picked up the large room in the basement so we are ready! Feels so good to have that all done already...I feel like I am nesting already! :) Now to figure out how to decorate Carter's room.

Q4: How have your Dr.'s appts gone?
A4: GOOD...we have had 3 so far. We got to have an early ultrasound at 7 weeks to make sure there was only one babe...between talk of the registration lady and the Dr. they all were hoping for twins! No such luck there! I have to take many months of drugs to get preggo (hence all the crappy weight gain again) and since we had to endure that again they wanted to make sure everything looked good and it did! At 10 weeks they couldn't pick up the heartbeat b/c my uterus was tipped so we went back last week and got to hear it....always a sweet sound to hear!

Q5: What does Carter think?
A5: He has NO clue! Thankfully it will be another spring baby so Carter can play outside so we aren't couped up inside. Oh and for those that can't do math they will be almost 25 months apart.

Q6: Are you going to get the H1N1 shot?
A6: YES! At first I was leary of it but after doing some research and talking to my doc they should have them next time I go in. I think I will probably have Carter get one too.

Q7: Are you going to keep working after baby #2?
A7: Yes, as of now I plan on keeping the same schedule. I like to get out and its nice for grandma's to have their days too.

Well that's probably enough for now! If you have any more questions feel free to leave it in the comments!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Catching up on latest fall fun

As promised here are some of what we have been up to the past few weeks...the night we announced our pregnancy to Brian's family we were at the annual Bosch hayride/bonfire party. It was a great night and a lot of fun. Here are the kiddos: The next morning my mom, Brian, Carter and I went to the pancake breakfast at the Borculo firebarn...Carter got this fireman's hat and wears it all the time. It's so funny. He loves to wear it when he rides his horse.
Last Saturday we rode the ZFS float in the Zeeland Pumpkin parade. It was nice that Brian could be along this year too...when all this rain stops he is going to be crazy busy at work!
Grandma Karen needed a new picture for her frame with her grandkids so we took this pic on cute!
And this pic is for grandma Karen...Carter LOVES popcorn too! He thinks he's big stuff to sit and eat from his own bowl.
Monday we headed to Crane's for our annual apple picking with Kate and the girls and Brian's mom. We picked the only nice day this week so good thing we went when we did.
Carter was most content riding in the wagon eating an apple...kept him occupied so it worked for me!
Kate and I both picked 87 pounds and now ours is all applesauce! As some of you may have seen on Facebook it was a rough day Wednesday making applesauce with my grandma. She fell and passed out a few times so I had to call 911. It was so scary but I was glad I called when I did. She stayed in the hospital a few nights and it was from a bacterial infection but now is home and doing well.

I'll post a pregnancy post soon on more details...we did have an appt. this week and all was well!

Friday, October 2, 2009

18 months!

Yep, our little buddy turned 18 months on Monday. He didn't have his appt. until today so I thought I would wait to update. He weighed 24 lbs. 8 oz (25th), he was 32.25 inches (50th) and his head was 90th as always. :) He had to get a couple fun but other than that the Dr. commented on what a little personality he had and how he was a little charmer..he cracks me up. Beside the fall in the waiting room the appt. went well and he is right on track. My camera is acting up so I can't put pics on but here are some my mom took of Carter...see, he's already ready for a sibling! :)

Does that one not just crack you up? So funny! I have loved every stage from newborn to toddler but lately he is just so fun. He can just follow Brian around outside for hours and loves to play with his daddy. He loves to play hide and seek, he has discovered the snack cupboard and lately I have to say I think he has hit the 'no' stage. He knows most of his body parts, animal noises and is starting to talk a little and tries to repeat us. Most days he still takes a morning nap which is nice so I can't complain. He finally just had two molars come through so he has 8 teeth...still not many! I know there was more I wanted to say but can't remember...I am sure once I get the pics on here I'll add more! We still love every minute with our little guy and he is such a blessing in our lives!