Friday, January 27, 2012

Pretty pretty princess

I always knew that if I had a little girl that she would have pretty pierced ears. I didn't think Brian would be okay with it and honestly had plans to just do it one day but then it got brought up at Christmas and he was game for it! When I was little I remember my mom taking me at least a couple of times and I would leave crying and not get it done so I knew I didn't want to have to go through that with Jade! So last Friday night we were going to go to Rivertown as a family but the roads were really bad so instead my mom and I went Saturday morning (Brian was glad he got out of it b/c he didn't want to see his little girl in pain).

Here is the before picture. Jade was actually belly laughing at the was hilarious. The whole store was laughing! She obviously didn't know what was coming!
Ah...neither of us too sure (don't mind the horrible picture of me...I had to shut my eyes). She didn't do them both at once b/c little ones move to much but she did the second one so quick I didn't even know she was done.
Ah...all done and hardly any tears. She probably cried for 30 seconds and was fine. My mom admitted she was glad she was along b/c she can honestly say it wasn't bad at all. The worst part was all the people watching!
A close up of her pretty pink far they haven't bugged her a bit and look great. Carter says now she is starting to look like me. :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Snow Fun

A few pics of some winter fun over here at the Meeuwsen's. On the days it's way too cold to go outside we take the snow inside! The boys LOVE it. We add food coloring to a water bottle and I let them play away. With a towel underneath their stuff it really isn't messy at all. Carter loves to help he is helping him shovel the driveway on a chilly Saturday morning.
Before the snow all melted on Monday Carter and I went outside to quick build a snowman. friend Kath wasn't kidding when she said it's a workout! By noon our snowman was melted but we still had fun doing it.
As you can see Trey is not in the outdoor pictures. He HATES all his snow stuff on...I even made him put it all on the other day and put him outside and he threw a fit. I know it is hard when they are so little so he was content as can be just watching us from the window. When the boys are inside they LOVE to love on their little sis. :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Besties

Taking a break from a family post to a friend post. These lovely ladies are truly my best friends, Kathy (left) and Jenni (right).

Jen and I have known each other our entire lives. She was actually born on the day I was baptized. When we were about 3 she moved into my neighborhood and from then on we were inseparable. We didn't go to the same church or school but since we each only had one brother we were basically sisters. And of course fought like sisters at times too! You name it, Jen and I have done it together....we even worked together in high school and she met her husband b/c of me. :) We now live only 4 miles apart and I know we will be best friends for life!

Kathy and I met in high school at Holland Christian. Our freshman year after seeing each other in class after class we soon realized we had 6 classes together and from then on out we became friends. Her friends from HC welcomed a small town girl from Borculo into their group. :) As a family each summer we always vacationed at Hutchins Lake and it was cool to find out Kathy LIVED on that lake! We lived about 45 minutes apart but spent many a weekends together!

With both of these gals we have been through a lot...they both lost small children and through that they were able to support each other and help me know how to help the other one. They truly are girl friends that I know will be friends for life. You ladies have been such a blessing to me and not a week goes by where we don't talk. You have been a shoulder to cry on, an ear for listening and given me advice when needed. You often find things out before Brian :) and I love you girls more than you will ever know! Thank you for being you! I know God hand picked you to be in my life.

And these are the three handsome little dudes that are now best friends! We all had boys within 6 months of each other and Carter adores Liam (left) and Jackson (right). My prayer is that they remain friends growing up as they see the friendship that their mommy's have!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Jade's Baptism

Yesterday we had the honor and privilege of having Jade baptized as we promised to love, encourage and raise her to be a child of God's love as he has already received her as his own. It was a great day for us to be surrounded by family and friends.

It was especially special for me b/c she wore the dress that I was baptized in 30 years ago. Here are some pics of the dress and the accessories she wore with it.
Her headband was made by the fabulous Kait at LOKDesigns. And the locket necklace was mine that I wore.Her initial/birthstone bracelet was made by a church friend of my mom's.
So cute shoes!Me and my girlie ready to go to church.Quick pic with her brothers. Don't their faces show trouble? :) Being baptized by Dr. Stouten along with Kurt Henry.

After church we went to mom and dad Meeuwsen's for lunch. These were the yummy desserts made by Holland Cakery.And I wanted to get a family pic....this picture tells it all! Carter being crazy, Trey just had a major blow out and Jade just hanging out as usual! Jade with Grandpa Cliff and Grandma Karen.Jade with Grandpa Jim and Grandma Mary Ann.We look forward to raising Jade along with her brothers to be a follower of Jesus.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Weekend in Review

Phew...after going through all my pictures I just pulled out a few to give a recap of our busy Christmas weekend.

We started off Thursday night with the Top party (Brian's mom's side) at the Overisel Community Building. Here is a picture of all the great grand kids.
Friday night we celebrated with just the five of us and started the tradition of homemade pizza by candlelight. Carter was a big helper.
Our simple but festive table and desserts.

This year the kids each got three gifts (just like Jesus did); one of them being pillow pets which they loved way more than I thought they would!As you can see we didn't get dressed up for the occasion. :)
And one of the other gifts was new pj's....Jade's came with a hat and she looked like a little elf...we all got a good laugh! Here is our annual self timer picture. Saturday night we headed to my parents for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner by candlelight. Here is Grandpa Jim and Grandma Mary Ann with their grand kids...and another one on the way!
A little better family picture of the five of us.The kids were spoiled with are just a few.
Trey got a new snow shovel! Jade and her new kitty and doll.Kasen opening his big dump truck. Carter got a new dinosaur. Sunday morning Carter was SO excited that Santa was too cute! After church we headed to Brian's parents house to celebrate. The boys got a new outdoor picnic table...yeah! And Carter is loving his LeapPad. We bought our nieces a new barbie is decked out to the max with a pool and flatscreen tv!Karinda got a new baby doll...oh wait...that is our baby doll Jade!Jade (& Trey) got new suitcases like Carter has. Now they are all set! Grandpa Cliff and Grandma Karen with all their grandkids!Once everyone was down for naps I snuck over to my Uncle Dave and Aunt Betty's house so Jade could meet her new friend, Juniper, from Chicago. They are a week apart and it was fun to watch all their similar mannerisms! As you can see Jade has the Meeuwsen genes...long and lean!After naps we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and helped him enjoy his birthday cake. It was dug into before I could take any pics! Carter couldn't quite figure out why he was just going to watch us eat it and not have any. :) We had a wonderful Christmas and are truly blessed!