Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

Friday night Carter and I made some easter eggs. He thought it was pretty cool to watch them change color and our kit came with these fun spring heads to attach to them.

The final product. By Saturday morning they were all completely destroyed. Brian kindly had to remind me he is a boy and well, boys like to tear things apart! :)

Saturday morning the boys had their one year and three year pictures taken by our fav photographer Miss Jenn. The boys did very well and she quickly posted this one to give us a sneak peek. LOVE!!!! Sunday morning we had an amazing Resurrection service at church that was just awesome. Then we headed to my Aunt and Uncle's house for a fabulous lunch. Carter was antsy to go outside so he knew he could get Grandpa Jim to come with! And then talked Mr. Brad into doing puzzles with him.
Then it was back outside for a few pictures.

Gotta love our family pics lately....not the easiest task! Then we all headed home for naps and enjoyed the beautiful weather outside with the neighbor girls.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Frederick Meijer Gardens

Friday morning my mom took me and the boys to go see the butterflies. Carter loved it and I was amazed at everything he spotted. Here are a few pictures of our visit.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Trey's 1st Birthday

I still can't believe that our baby is one! We actually call Trey 'baby' more than Trey.....once he starts walking we will have to quit that! But for now he is our baby. Despite a double ear infection and runny eyes Trey did pretty well for the night....we are definitely ready for him to feel better! We celebrated last night, his actual birthday. It worked out great b/c Eric and Kate and the girls were home from Nebraska so they were able to come too. Last minute I finally picked a theme and went with a fish theme. Instead of a cake I made these cupcakes.

Table decor.
I found these fish I could put together so I made 12...one for each month of his life.

Ready to open presents!
Playing in Trey's new sandbox from Grandpa and Grandma DJ....can't wait to play in it outside!
Hanging with their cousins Kylie and Karinda. Carter was beyond hyper b/c they were over!Playing with Great Grandma.

Quick family pic before cupcakes...at this point we'll take what we get!

Singing Happy Birthday!
He dove right into it and even had two cupcakes!
Trey and his cousin Kasen...both looking TIRED as it was past their bedtime. They were partied out!
We love you Trey and are looking forward to MANY, MANY more years with you!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Busy Boys

Thought I'd share a few pics of the boys over the past few weeks. Carter got finger paints from Liam for his b-day so they were fun to do during Trey's morning nap one day. Momma had an ice cream craving so after lunch one day we headed to the Soft Spot (yeah drive thru!) for a treat. Carter was insistent on sharing with Trey. And of course he loved it!
Finally took Trey's new car seat out of the box and got it ready to go for the next stage!And our little ragamuffin finally got more than a trim....doesn't he look JUST like Carter now? It's almost scary! Carter told us he looked like a studmuffin. :)

Loving his new push toy from our day care provider...getting a little closer to walking!

Waking up to the snow today was down right depressing so we headed to Rivertown to do some shopping. The Easter bunny was there so we stopped to see him. Trey just kind of chilled out on his lap.

And Carter wasn't too sure of him. He was obsessed with the bunny we seen at Day of the Young Child on Saturday and was so excited to see this one but then wouldn't sit by him...crazy kid!
Carter picked the carousel over the play area (yeah!) so we all went for a ride.

Trey turns ONE on Wednesday so now we're busy getting things ready for that! Considering I finally decided on Friday what theme I was going to do I better get going!