Monday, March 29, 2010

Carter turns 2!

We started off Carter's birthday weekend by going for dinner Saturday night and heading to the mall. We first started at the Easter bunny. He just sat there and took it all in. :)
Then it was off to ride the carousel for his first time. He LOVED it and would wave and yell, Hi Mommy! everytime he went past me. So cute!
Last night we had a Monster Truck party for Carter's birthday. Here is a picture of the cake I made.
Showing off his ADORABLE shirt from Miss Jenni....she was a lifesaver b/c I couldn't find a cute monster truck shirt and she whipped this out for me last cute! Wait til you see more of her handiwork in the next few weeks.
Quick picture with preggo mommy before the party.
Posing with his cousins whom he absolutely adores! He was SO EXCITED to see them.
Grandpa Jim had to help open most gifts (go figure).
He got an adorable suitcase from Uncle Eric, Aunt Kate and the girls but as you can see the packaging was more fun!
Opening his new basketball hoop from grandpa and grandma DJ.
Blowing out his candles...we had to light them several times b/c he loved to blow them out.
Today was a busy day! We started off at Carter's 2 year appt...he did SO GOOD and was an angel for the nurse and Dr. He weighed 28.4 lbs. and was 34.75 inches tall...both around the 50th-75th percentile. Then we brought Carter to Vicki's house to play with Alyssa and Kaylee while I went to my 36 week appt. All is well. Heartbeat was 145...has been 150 and 160 at the last two appts. so this baby is a mystery! I am not dialated or anything which is fine by me...I am not quite ready! After my appt. we went to Jackson and Greyson's house to play. Jackson gave Carter a birthday present...more tractors! As you can see he was pretty excited!
The three dudes hanging on the couch.
Brian had Carter line up all his new tractors tonight (of course his monster trucks had to be in it too). Carter thought he needed his new rain boots on too! Trying so hard to smile. :) We had a super fun birthday weekend with our little guy and look forward to many, many more years together! We love you Carter James!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pleasantly Surprised

This week has been anything but quiet and a little overwhelming at times with work stuff and then meetings and appts. for myself (with Brian out of town) and trying to get things ready for Carter's b-day coming up on Sunday. So yesterday when I was delivered this beautiful bouquet of flowers from Brian and Carter telling me they love and appreciate all I do it made everything better and they are helping me get through this crazy week! Love my boys!

Monday, March 22, 2010

The latest and greatest

The day we were home from Florida Great Grandma DJ was calling asking about her little guy. He is still the only great grandchild for her so he is pretty special. We headed to her house Monday morning to play. Carter is so sweet to her and it makes me so happy to see him run into her arms when he sees her. He ignored me the whole time and just played with her.
Carter LOVES to play with his trucks and cars. Daddy told him to line them up and then tried to get him to pose for a picture. He has such a funny fake smile lately....I have a feeling his 2 year pics are going to be a nightmare!
Friday we headed to the OAISD playgroup. Jen and Liam have joined us for the last few. The boys have so much fun and go from one thing to the next. Here they are playing with play dough.Then it was off to the pool of balls. Carter and Liam loved to dive into them. They copy everything the other one does!
Saturday I helped out with my cousin Steph's bridal shower. This was the cake I made (napkin that I tried to match next to it).

And this is Carter so mad at me while taking a picture of it b/c he couldn't have a piece. :) No worries...him and daddy got a piece when I got home.
Since my mom's b-day falls a day before Carter's we celebrated it yesterday at my brother and sister-in-laws house. Kim made a delicious meal despite her not feeling well. Since we had cake on Saturday and will have it next weekend Kim made my mom's favorite...Key Lime pie. It was so yummy! Carter had to help blow out the candles.
And of course had to help her open her presents.
This week Brian is off to Nebraska again and it's a busy week at the home front. I have a bridal shower and retirement party that I helped coordinate at work, a church meeting, my pre-admission appt. at the hospital, work and somehow I have to get everything together for Carter's b-day party on Sunday....the days are going to fly! I guess that's good! I did finally get all of Carter's stuff moved from the nursery to his bedroom so we are making progress on getting ready for the baby. I have my 36 week appt. on Monday so I'll post some updates then.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Florida 2010

We made it back safe and sound on Thursday from Florida and had a great time. Brian's parents have a place down there so we took my mom and dad this year so they could see it. Overall it wasn't hot weather but we had sunshine and blue skies every day but one so it was great. Here is a small recap of our vacation.

Carter quickly met a buddy at the airport and he had fun playing with Logan's trucks and cars. We were delayed for 1.5 hours so good thing they were a lot of kids to play with.
Saturday we went to Brian's Aunt and Uncle's place in Cape Coral so we were able to swim in the pool for a bit. Carter loved to get in and out and jump to one of us.
Carter was always asking to go for a walk so he could always con Grandpa Jim into taking him. :)
Dinner at Mama's Italian Restaurant. Yum! Carter thought he had to lean in too. :)
Checking out the beach. He LOVED it. We played at the beach for about 3 hours most days. Carter was so content and kept busy playing in the sand, water and chasing the sea gulls. Reading with Grandpa Jim after breakfast.
Sifting for shark teeth with daddy. We found quite a few every day.
Brian dug a hole for Carter to play in. He buried him a couple times but he wasn't a fan. He would say, I'm stuck! I'm stuck! It was kind of funny.
Dinner at The Fishery. A nice restaurant on the water. We tried a different spot every night.
Cuddle time with Grandma Mary Ann. Carter loved the playground at the beach. We made several trips there throughout the week. And yes, he LOVED his beach hat. He even has been wearing it around the house this weekend. :)Group picture on the beach on our last night.
One more time on the playground!

It was a nice, relaxing vacation and we had a great time!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Ready for Florida!

When you're trying to pack for vacation with an almost 2 year old helping this is what you get!