Monday, August 20, 2007

Busy Weekend

Although Brian was gone to MIS to the Nascar race this weekend I stayed pretty busy. And due to all the rain it sounds like Brian and the guys will be heading home soon b/c the race will probably be cancelled again today. Bummer for them but we need the rain! Friday night we had my soon-to-be sister-in-law's bachelorette party. We started off at Corkscrews and then headed to the Curraugh downtown.

Here is a picture of her sisters and I. Sarah, Kim (Mike's fiance), me and Gina.

I gave Kim an embroidered robe with her new took her a minute to figure it out! Nice to have another "blonde" in the family! :o) She is so funny.

Saturday morning I went for breakfast to the Embassy with my mom, we stopped by Mike and Kim's house to check out the landscaping and then we went to the Olive Center Garden tour. It was pretty neat. They had several old wedding gowns (my grandma Boers's included) on display at the Museum. They were really cool to look at. Grandma's was by far one of the most elegant ones.

At night Kate picked me up and we took the girls on the trolley in Grand Haven. I had never been so it was pretty fun despite the rain. Then we stopped for pizza and went to the Kite store b/c I wanted to buy Blokus (Jason and Martha got us hooked). The girls had so much fun playing in the store and weren't too happy when we told them we had to go. We made up for it by stopping at McDonald's on the way home for ice cream.

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