Monday, March 2, 2009

First Friends Birthday Party

Saturday night we were invited to Jacob DeWitt's 2nd birthday party. He had a farm theme and Martha had everything so cutely decorated. Even down to Jacob's little farmer shirt. Check out the cow cake she made! It was so cute! Here is Jacob blowing out the candles with the help of the neighbor boy.
Here is Jacob opening our gift. Some rain boots along with some stuff to help mom plant flowers.

Here is future trouble! Carter, Jacob and Deacon. Deacon was so content all night...I dare say he could compete with Carter. Brian wanted to take him home.
Here are the boys along with Norah and Addison. Jacob loved his barn!
Here he is modeling his gardening gloves and boots. He kept wanting to go outside and find some dirt.
Thanks Jason and Martha for having us over!

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DeWitt Family said...

Thanks for being a part of Jacob's big day. I can't wait to watch the boys all grow up together!!