Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekend Away

Last weekend we planned to head up to Eric and Kate's cabin with our neighbors to go snowmobiling for the weekend. Unfortunately Trey threw up after we dropped him off at grandma's house. So...back we went to pick the kiddos up. We thought he was better Saturday a.m. so we decided to head up north. We had a GREAT time. Even though it was a short trip we still put 100+ miles on the sleds and had a blast.

First stop to get some gas.

Me and Brian.
Beautitul scenery at the cabin. It was -24 that morning but gorgeous!

Heathe and Briana (who is 1/2 the size of that coat!).
Unfortunately little Trey was sick all weekend and had the flu for 6 days. And Grandma Karen got it too...we felt horrible. Amazingly none of the rest of us got it. Looking forward to heading back up next weekend!

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