Monday, April 18, 2011

Busy Boys

Thought I'd share a few pics of the boys over the past few weeks. Carter got finger paints from Liam for his b-day so they were fun to do during Trey's morning nap one day. Momma had an ice cream craving so after lunch one day we headed to the Soft Spot (yeah drive thru!) for a treat. Carter was insistent on sharing with Trey. And of course he loved it!
Finally took Trey's new car seat out of the box and got it ready to go for the next stage!And our little ragamuffin finally got more than a trim....doesn't he look JUST like Carter now? It's almost scary! Carter told us he looked like a studmuffin. :)

Loving his new push toy from our day care provider...getting a little closer to walking!

Waking up to the snow today was down right depressing so we headed to Rivertown to do some shopping. The Easter bunny was there so we stopped to see him. Trey just kind of chilled out on his lap.

And Carter wasn't too sure of him. He was obsessed with the bunny we seen at Day of the Young Child on Saturday and was so excited to see this one but then wouldn't sit by him...crazy kid!
Carter picked the carousel over the play area (yeah!) so we all went for a ride.

Trey turns ONE on Wednesday so now we're busy getting things ready for that! Considering I finally decided on Friday what theme I was going to do I better get going!

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