Friday, February 3, 2012

Brian's Birthday

This past Monday (1/30) was Brian's (32nd!!) birthday. Him and I actually celebrated a few weeks ago when I surprised him and took him to the Brad Paisley concert (with Scott McCreery and The Band Perry). It's quite a funny story of how I surprised him...he had NO clue!! We started off the night by going to 25 Kitchen and Bar across from the Van was yummy! Thunder 94.5 was also having a pre-party there so we met all the DJ's from the station. The concert was AWESOME; we had a blast!
This past Sunday we celebrated with our families . Brian has been a NY Giants fan since grade school, I think, so since they are in the Superbowl I went with a football themed party. Have to a have a theme for Carter. :) Here is the cake I made him (it had footballs on the side). I quick took the candles out to take a picture (hence the holes). All the dudes helping him open his presents. Carter, Trey and cousin Kasen. Singing Happy Birthday! On his actual birthday we went to Crazy Horse with all 5 of us...phew...we survived but don't need to try that again for a while. :) Carter thought it was such a treat though since we don't take them to restaurants much anymore.

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