Monday, October 1, 2012

4Wheel Jamboree-Indy Event

The middle of September Brian and I and the gang that we went to Lima, OH with headed down to the Indianapolis State Fair Grounds for another 4 Wheel Jamboree.  This time we were able to take the Bronco so that was fun.  The weather was perfect and once again we had a care-free weekend with lots of laughs and just hanging out!  Here are some of the fun and cool things we seen!

This little dude sure was riding in style!!!

Everyone thought this should be my next ride...hey, I'd take it!
Check out this trailer!  ha, and the guy in the back ! :)

The fun that we got to ride in all weekend!  It was pretty neat to see how many came and checked it out.  Makes all the guys proud!
Next year we have some friends on the list that need to come to Lima with us!  I promise really is fun!

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