Friday, September 28, 2007

More babies!

How fast our lives have turned from weddings to babies. I am so excited to say that my best friend, Jenni is due on April 25! Just 3 weeks after me. For those of you who don't know us we have lived across the street from each other since the age of 3 and have been best friends ever since and basically sisters b/c we both just have one older brother. We always dreamed of living close to each other (we are 4 miles apart) and having babies together...through the many months of praying God definitely had a plan for the both of us! We still can't believe it! And her brother and his wife are expecting their first baby only a day before Tim and Jen....crazy! So, we are just waiting and praying for our other friends to join us on the baby journey!

Oh...and something else funny to note. Growing up Jen and I lived in a neighborhood with two other girls, Vicki and Beth. We were known as the OCG's (Olive Center Girls). Vicki and Beth are both due in Oct/Nov! We will definitely have to have play dates next spring!

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