Monday, September 17, 2007

Nothing too exciting....

Our weekend seemed busy but nothing too exciting. Friday night Brian went to Berlin and I just stayed home and watched a couple of chick flicks. Saturday went shopping with my mom in Muskegon...bought some maternity clothes and went to Hot Rod Harley for their open house. It was pretty cool. Dad wanted to buy an outfit for the baby that said My grandpa drives a Harley but they didn't have any in. Maybe next time! Brian went to work for a couple hours on Sat. and just worked around the house. Saturday night we went to dinner and then to the races. We both had our long underwear on and many, many layers. It was chilly but fun b/c cousins Brad and Vicki met us there. I have a nasty head cold so I probably shouldn't have been out in the cold but I didn't want to sit home again. Sunday--same 'ole, church, lunch, nap, Bible Study, then Mike and Kim finally made it home from their honeymoon (after a long night in Denver airport!) so we went to their house to watch them open gifts. It was quite humorous b/c they tore right through them so fast that Gina couldn't keep up writing everything down! Their house is beautiful and almost done...just a few odds and ends. pics from the weekend.

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