Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Washington Briefing cont...

I was able to help out with book signings for some of our speakers so I was able to get some pictures taken with them which was cool. All of the Republican presidential candidates were there but b/c we were so busy I watched most of them on the TV screen in the registation area. Supposedly the Clintons and Mrs. Bush were there the night before our event for some big dinner.

Anyway....here are some pics with some neat people.

Newt Gingrich

Jenna and I with Ben Stein.

Bill Bennett

And of course my cat, Lucky. As you can see she wanted to make sure yesterday that I didn't leave her again. She some how slide under my carry on bag strap. Too funny.

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Lindsey said...

Look at you hob nobbing with all the famous people! Looks like fun! I didnt know you worked with Jenna :) I grew up with her and her family! (It was the dreams resort on our blog...good eye! It was fun, I could have stayed longer!)