Friday, February 22, 2008

Neighborhood Shower

Last night my neighbor Briana threw me a shower along with the other neighbor ladies. It was a lot of fun and once again Baby Meeuwsen went home with PLENTY of gifts. Lot of fun toys, more essentials and my mom bought the baby it's first Bible so I was really excited about that. It's so cute and I can't wait to read the stories to our little one. These are some fun outfits that Briana bought baby.

One of the games was everyone guessing how big Kelly's tummy was. The little girls guessed small and the ladies guessed too big...funny how perceptions can be so different! My niece Karinda and Kate my sister-in-law both came closest and won.

Yes, as you see all we have in our neighborhood is girls, girls, girls. The 3 neighbor ladies each have two and then there are my nieces so that makes 8 little girls that got to play together last night.

The second game was making a little baby out of play-doh. It was cute that the little girls got to play the games too...they seemed to have a lot of fun.

Kate and Karen busy making their play-doh babies.

Briana and I judging all the babies.

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