Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Not What I Was Expecting

Brian and I went to the doctor today and it turns out that I have a few signs that may lead to preeclampsia so he told me I needed to quit work. I was quite shocked b/c I just always assumed I would go late since nothing has been happening but apparently baby Meeuwsen might want to come early! I was at least dialated 1.5 cm today so that was a good sign. The doctor wants to see me again on Monday to make sure things haven't gotten worse. The heartbeat was still in the 140's and the head was down so that was good.

So I worked til 6:30 tonight to get everything done that I could think of! At least they have me all hooked up to work from home so I can at least log in and still get some things done if need be. This afternoon my boss went and bought ice-cream for everyone to either celebrate or mourn my last day (not sure which one it was, ha, ha). FRC is an amazing place to work and everyone has been so caring and saying many prayers for us throughout this pregnancy...they are great people and I will miss them while I am on maternity leave!

If you could keep Brian, baby, and I in your prayers over the next week or so as we are in the home stretch we would really appreciate it! We are so excited to meet this little bundle of joy that God has blessed us with.


Heidi said...

Take it easy Kel! We'll be praying for you and looking forward to meeting baby Meeuwsen! :) I'm sure everything will go great!

DeWitt Family said...

We will pray for you and little baby Meeuwsen. We know everything will end up for the best. Enjoy your last few day at home before the little one arrives.