Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Our crazy cat

Our cat Lucky is quite the character. For some reason she loves to hang out on the bathroom counter when we get ready. I know, bad habit, I can thank Jen for that one. She used to let her cat drink out of the faucet and so I let Lucky do that once and now she thinks she needs fresh water all the time. For some reason today she thought it would be comfy to lay in the sink...it cracked me up and I was surprised she let me take a picture of her none the less! Yep, she's spoiled! Good thing we are having a baby so we have something else to spoil. :)

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The Geurinks said...

Haha! That cat pic is hilarious! Our dog is spoiled too and thinks he needs drinks out of the bathtub:)
Meredith Geurink