Monday, July 14, 2008

Water Baby

I am trying to turn Carter into a water rat just like I am. :) I love the water and this weekend we went swimming in Rylee's (neighbor) grandma's pool and I had the goggles on and everything and was diving for toys. We are so lucky that mom and dad Meeuwsen have a nice pool and Carter and I have made weekly trips there and we often spend our Sunday afternoons there. It was beautiful yesterday and we did some sun bathing and swimming.

Carter and Brian chilling at the pool.

Today Sheri Meeuwsen and I headed to the state park for some much needed catch up time on our lives. It was perfect weather and there was a nice breeze. Carter did so good. He took a good nap in his little Sun Stop'r tent and we took a walk down the beach. We put his toes in the sand and water and he loved it.

Carter and Sheri.

Loving the sand and water.

So tired!

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