Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Since we were gone this weekend the neighbors took care of Lucky. She is an indoor/outdoor cat so she kind of comes and goes as she pleases. The neighbors put her outside Friday night (she is usually out at night and in during the day) and they couldn't ever get her to come back in. We came home Sunday night and until this morning we hadn't seen her! We assumed she ran away or got attacked by something in the woods. But around 5:30 this morning I heard something crying on the deck and sure enough it was Lucky!!!! So as they say she must have been 'catting around'! She is a really sweet cat and very care free so we did miss her! Every time Brian and I would walk past the slider we would look for her out of habit so we are happy to have her back!

For those of you that hate cats you are probably thinking we are nuts but I am allergic to dogs so I have always liked cats. As I am writing this she is laying on my feet....she has 5 days of petting to get caught up on! :)

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DeWitt Family said...

Glad Lucky is back!! Even though I'm not a cat lover, I think Lucky is pretty nice!!!