Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What I've been up to

Just thought I would let everyone know what I have been up to the last few weeks...

Mommy and Daddy and I went with DeWitts to Hanky Pank bay for the Coast Guard festival. Yep, I even got beads! Most people didn't know I was even there b/c I slept most of the time.

Daddy thought him and mommy should go on the carnivals version of the demon drop. Mommy isn't a fan of it but went anyway. I watched them go up, up and away and all of sudden they came down....fast!

Last Friday Jenni, mommy and I went to see Kathy and Jackson. Mommy says Kathy and Brian's hearts are sad so please continue to pray for them. Jackson and I helped bring some smiles to their faces.

Saturday mommy and daddy left me with grandpa and grandma De Jonge while they went to Green Lake with all their friends. I was a BIG boy and had a lot of fun.

Daddy and Josh went kneeboarding.

Then daddy told me a story of how tough he was on the big tube but....

when you put 4 people on a 3 person tube....

somebody gets hurt. Guess my daddy isn't quite as tough as he thinks. :)

After Green Lake mommy and daddy went to Berlin to watch Uncle Ross race...he finished 2nd and is still first in points! Maybe once I get bigger they will take me to watch him.

On the developmental side of things I rolled from my tummy to my back last week and that was good enough to show mom I could do it b/c I haven't done it again. I also love my sleep like mom and dad and I sleep 12 hours a night. I love my exersaucer and bumbo chair...it goes everywhere with me! Friday I have my 4 month appt. so then mom and dad will be able to see how big I am getting!

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The Rotman's said...

I love the pic of him with the beads on. That was too cute!