Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Blog to book

Ok, I am asking for some advice here. As most of you know I am NOT a scrapbooker...way too much time and money...and I am not creative! So I was going to make a Shutterfly photobook or something similar for each year of our kids lives. One for us and one for them to keep. But then I came across some sites where you can turn your blog into a book...which I thought would be cool b/c then there would be a few more stories and pics of Carter's last year and most likely I wouldn't miss any highlights. So I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations to any sites or have seen anyone's books where people have done that? Feel free to leave a comment and you blog stalkers can just put an anonymous comment in if you wish. :) Thanks!

Sorry...boring post I know. Not much new around here. Brian and I have been selling maniacs on Craigslists...its been fun...we keep thinking of more stuff to get rid of it. Like Dave Ramsey says, 'make the kids think they are next!'


Julie Vander Pol - Remembered Moments said...

Hi Kelly blog stalker here :-)
here are a couple suggestions-not sure what you have come across so far... Awesome stuff WAY more to offer then just blog to book
blurb-probably the most popular
I know there are many more but those are the ones off the top of my head.
share with us what you use so we know!

The Rotman's said...

I attempted blurb.. and my book, only a half a year compiled, was like 500+ pages. I've only uploaded so editing is going to take forever. It does take all the info. from your blog though which is sweet. I think it's worth looking into. Not sure how much a 500 page book will cost to print. I may check out these other sites that Julie just shared. If you do one let me know. I'd like to do the same. Starting it was easier than finishing it at my house. :-)

The Geurinks said...

I've been wanting to do that same thing but haven't looked into it yet. Be sure to blog about which site you end up choosing!

aelders said...


I was just introduced to I haven't done much on it, but it looked really cool! You can print stuff, or even post your pages on your blog or facebook. It's worth a look I think!