Thursday, April 23, 2009


Well I haven't been the best at taking pictures of Carter lately....he did have his one year pics taken last week...hopefully the proofs will be up soon so you can check them out. He was not in the mood for pics that day so we shall see how they turn out. Somehow Carlia always seems to work miracles! :)

So, since I don't have new pics of Carter here is a pic of cake #2 from my decorating class. Next week we officially graduate...yeah!

And here is a pic of the invite I made for my grandma's 80th birthday party. This is the front side. The backside had all the details. I am also working on some more wedding invites right now but will wait to post those until they have gone out.

Brian isn't feeling too well and came home sick today with the flu so extra prayers that he gets better would be great. We have a busy and fun weekend planned and the weather is going to be awesome so being sick is going to be the pits!

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