Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Catching Up

What have we been up to the past few weeks? Well here is a run down.

We enjoyed Memorial Day like most and went to the parade in Zeeland and then worked outside most of the day and enjoyed dinner with family and friends at night.

The usual Friday night cookouts have begun at Amber Rose so last week last minute I decided to make a cake for dessert. NOT perfect by any means but the neighbor girls thought it was pretty cool to have a cake with them on it.

Carter's favorite sleeping position. Who sleeps on their knees? What a nut.

Saturday night we enjoyed dinner at Crazy Horse with DeWitts and then playing and watching the Red Wings at their house. A fun night as always!

Sunday we got to take our first boat ride of the season with mom and dad Meeuwsen. A chilly but sunny day and a nice cruise to the big lake.

And Monday nights we have been eating Vitales and walking to the guys games with the DeWitts. It's so fun to watch Carter, Jacob and Deacon together. Can't wait to watch them grow up and be big buds. The boys even have their own Chips Groundcover cute, eh?

Jason coaching Brian on first base. :)

And of course have to leave you with Carter's little smirk he gives everyone lately. It's so funny. He was quite the charmer to the Walgreens pharmacist today.

Now we are just patiently waiting to hear news from the Maly's of their new little guy to be born tonight or tomorrow! We are so excited to add another boy to our group of friends! Not sure it will be fun when they are all in high school and causing trouble just like their dads!


Mary said...

Love the three "little" guys in their ball shirts!! They are too cute!!!

Heidi said...

I love the sleeping picture! We still catch Caden sleeping like that sometimes! It's too cute!