Wednesday, July 1, 2009

15 month appt...oh what a day!

So we had Carter's 15 month appt today. As far as the stats goes he weighed 22 lbs. 12 oz. and was 30.75 inches....right around the 25th percentile for both height and weight. And of course 90th for his head...don't all kids have big heads? Or maybe it's just b/c he's so smart...ha,ha.

Anyway, he had to get two shots which I was NOT expecting. Went okay though. Then when we were checking out the Dr. said he should get bloodwork done to check his CBC and LEAD levels so I thought while we are here we might as well go down to the hospital (connected to Zeeland Physicians) and get that done. The registration lady and lab girls were SO NICE but it was a disaster. They had to poke Carter's finger and fill in 2 circles with blood. Then the battle of getting a bandaid to stay on...oh what a mess...blood everywhere, BAWLING kid. We finally were able to get some gauze taped on. He cried in the car for about 15 minutes trying to get that stupid thing off while it is COVERED in blood...every inch of the gauze. We finally get home and he is okay. We take the gauze off and then listen to the answering machine....they FORGOT one of the tests! They didn't realize there were two pieces of paper and since they filled in 2 circles of blood I figured one was for the LEAD and the other for the CBC. So we have to go back....ugh, seriously??? I think that is an appt. for dad to good for him, right? Okay...sorry for that long story but I just had to frustrating and not a fun afternoon. Carter spotted his bagel from breakfast and is now eating it...time for a nap though!

Like my shirt Jacob?


nicole tieri cornell said...

Dashiell had his lead and CBC at his 12 mos last week, and we are holding off on the MMR shot til he's between 18 and 24 mos, so he can be a little heavier. Our doc did the one shot he DID receive and the lead/CBC right in the office, so that was a blessing, but Dash was more freaked by the tourniquet than the actual blood draw. He STILL has a nasty bruise though. Bless their brave little hearts.

DeWitt Family said...

Poor little guy! Love the picture he looks adorable!!

The Rotman's said...

Bummer about the blood draw thing. That really stinks. He is not going to like going back, that's for sure. Thankfully stuff like this we don't remember. Love the recent pics of him. He's grown up sooo much.