Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Big Star Weekend

Another fun tradition each summer is to go to Big Star Lake with DeWitts. I went every summer as a child with Jenni so its always fun to go back. Carter loved being on the boat and watching daddy and Jason tube and surf. It was a beautiful weekend. Friday night we went for a nice cruise around the lake.

Saturday morning Brian took Carter and Jacob (and Quincy) out for a walk on the dock.
The dads and their boys hanging out on the dock.

Snack time!

Saturday night we went to the lodge at Bitley to see the 'monster fish.' Carter and Jacob had a lot of fun feeding them.
This is what we seen when we threw food in! They went CRAZY!!!

Here is scuba Steve (aka Jason) getting ready to scuba dive...it was a little dark but he was still able to see lots of fish.
Ah, nothing like a bath on the beach!

Garage sale special keeping the boys busy. :)

Chilling with daddy.

Jacob keeping Carter and Deacon entertained.

Deacon and Carter ready to go on the boat!

Loving the ride!

Here is what Brian and Jason mastered this weekend...surfing! It's kind of crazy but fun to watch. Jason has a video on their blog you can check out.

Testing the water in the pool.

Overall we had a VERY FUN weekend. The boys (all 5 of them) :) kept us busy but they are sure a lot of fun and we made lots of memories!

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