Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009

Last week Carter got to experience his first pumpkin carving. He wasn't too sure of all the gunk as you can see! :) But thought the pumpkin mommy carved was so cute he was puckering up to kiss it!

Great Grandma came for dinner last Wednesday before she left on a mission trip and my dad came too b/c mom was working late. He put his costume on for Great Grandma. Here he is showing grandpa.
Our cute little dinosaur.
Unfortunately I came home from work sick on Thursday and felt okay on Friday but was hit again on Saturday and Carter came down with it too. Brian also didn't feel the greatest. Thankfully Carter and I just had head colds so no fever or flu but it has been miserable and we are still getting over it. So no trick or treating unfortunately...thankfully Carter is little enough not to care!
Daddy and Carter sharing some popcorn on Halloween.

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