Monday, November 30, 2009 and gone!

Where has this month gone? Can't believe it's going to be December already tomorrow! I know I haven't updated the blog lately...I just uploaded November's pictures and hardly have any to post! Carter was sick last weekend and I was sick this fun! We did have some fun play dates with Jackson, Greyson and Liam this month but I don't have any pics!

Here are few pics of some highlights of the month:
Carter LOVES to go outside and feed the squirrels :) with daddy. A few nights it was dark so Brian gave him his hunting light to wear. It was so sticken cute to watch him out in the woods with his little light on his head. Thought he was big stuff as always.
Thanksgiving day was also my dad's b-day so I made him a Harley cake...not perfect but not too bad!
Carter helping grandpa open his hunting blind.
Since I didn't get anything done all weekend (although I did survive Black Friday shopping!) I wanted to get the Christmas gifts wrapped today. Carter thought he would help out too (hey it kept him busy)! :)
Carter turned 20 months on Saturday and oh how much fun he is lately! A few of his favorites lately are coloring, watching Elmo, playing with any truck or car and his vocabulary is really expanding. Basically just one word at a time but he definitely can tell you what he wants and is really repeating what we say. He is quite the cuddle bug...which I LOVE and he can't wait for daddy to come home at night. He is a big helper and actually quite a good listener too but yes, he is a boy and a toddler so he does show us previews of the terrible twos as well! He will be so fun at Christmas this year and we can't wait to create more memories with our little guy!

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