Thursday, January 21, 2010

Carter's new ride

Well I broke down this week and finally ordered Carter and baby a double stroller. I really liked all the options of the Kolcraft Contours one but it was bright red and I am kind of picky and wanted something to match the car seat so I was looking again this week and they came out with a new one with a few more options and it matches! It came today so we put it together tonight. I really like it and it does have a ton of cool features and options to it. Seems like a bus compared to a single stroller but I am sure I will get used to it! :) As you can see Carter loved it too!

As far as an update on baby and I....I have been feeling great through this entire pregnancy. As of my last appt. I had not gained any weight so I was pleased with that but I feel like I am really getting big lately and the baby seems to be growing quick! The baby is VERY active and is starting to work him or herself up into my rib cage...much like Carter which was very painful so I hope he or she stays a little lower! The heartbeat has been right around 150-155 at each appt...Carter was always around 145-150. We have our names all set and now that Carter is moved downstairs we can start and get the nursery ready again. All is well and we are excited to meet this little one in 3 months!

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