Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Years 2010

On New Years Eve we had our annual party at Tim and Jen's. My how times have changed! It was boys, boys and more boys! Here is the best picture I got of the five of them. Look how good our little guy is posing? :) From left to right > Carter, Jacob, Jace, Liam and Deacon. And then it turned into this....HILARIOUS!! They were sure a lot of fun this year playing together! We had a great night with a lot of friends and of course our Catch Phrase tournament!
On New Years Day we headed up to Brian's brother's cabin. Everyone except me did some snowmobiling...didn't want to risk it with being pregnant and it was COLD out. I got frost bite just from going cross country skiing! Carter wanted to ride the vroom, vroom with daddy so out they went on Saturday. He didn't even put up a fuss wearing the helmet. And of course he LOVED snowmobiling!
Then they came back and Carter went sledding behind the snowmobile with his cousins (aka 'the girls') and Grandma. The helmets kept their faces warm so they just kept them on. :)
Overall it was a fun weekend and Carter sure misses his cousins. The poor kid had tears in his eyes on Tuesday when he thought they would be at grandma's to play. He got used to seeing them a lot over Christmas break.

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