Monday, February 15, 2010

Not too much new...

Thought I better update the blog and then realized I haven't taken many pictures the last few weeks! Last weekend we celebrated Brian's 30th with my family (his was out of town) and our friends. We started the night off at Crazy Horse and then went bowling.
Another birthday cake (not made by me though). Bowling themed! It was a great night and a lot of fun.
Last week Carter brought his Valentine treats to day care. He goes just a 1/2 day a week to a ladies house in Zeeland. She spoils the kids rotten and does so much for them. She truly is a blessing to have! It was so cute to watch Carter hand out his treat bags.
Brian is off to Nebraska again for the week. ZFS bought an ethanol plant so he is helping get things set up. It's just precious to listen to Carter talk to his daddy on the phone when he calls.
I have been starting to get things moved out of the nursery and down to Carter's bedroom. (Which he is doing GREAT in his big boy bed!). In a few weeks we leave for Florida and then when we get home it will soon be Carter's b-day and then the baby will be coming so the nesting has begun already!

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