Saturday, March 13, 2010

Florida 2010

We made it back safe and sound on Thursday from Florida and had a great time. Brian's parents have a place down there so we took my mom and dad this year so they could see it. Overall it wasn't hot weather but we had sunshine and blue skies every day but one so it was great. Here is a small recap of our vacation.

Carter quickly met a buddy at the airport and he had fun playing with Logan's trucks and cars. We were delayed for 1.5 hours so good thing they were a lot of kids to play with.
Saturday we went to Brian's Aunt and Uncle's place in Cape Coral so we were able to swim in the pool for a bit. Carter loved to get in and out and jump to one of us.
Carter was always asking to go for a walk so he could always con Grandpa Jim into taking him. :)
Dinner at Mama's Italian Restaurant. Yum! Carter thought he had to lean in too. :)
Checking out the beach. He LOVED it. We played at the beach for about 3 hours most days. Carter was so content and kept busy playing in the sand, water and chasing the sea gulls. Reading with Grandpa Jim after breakfast.
Sifting for shark teeth with daddy. We found quite a few every day.
Brian dug a hole for Carter to play in. He buried him a couple times but he wasn't a fan. He would say, I'm stuck! I'm stuck! It was kind of funny.
Dinner at The Fishery. A nice restaurant on the water. We tried a different spot every night.
Cuddle time with Grandma Mary Ann. Carter loved the playground at the beach. We made several trips there throughout the week. And yes, he LOVED his beach hat. He even has been wearing it around the house this weekend. :)Group picture on the beach on our last night.
One more time on the playground!

It was a nice, relaxing vacation and we had a great time!

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GITTYUP said...

Ha, these pictures just make me laugh! Looks like a fun time had by all mostly thanks to Carter the little card. Do you think he know how funny he is?