Friday, August 13, 2010

Coast Guard Fest 2010

Last Friday I headed to Grand Haven to hang out with mom Meeuwsen for the day with the boys. We went to the art fair and walked downtown then hung out on the boat while the boys napped. When dad Meeuwsen got back from work we went downtown to go on the rides. Saturday morning we got up and headed there right away to go for breakfast. After breakfast we walked down by the water for a bit. Carter got this balloon animal made for him. Trey spent most of the weekend in the Baby Bjorn and was happy as a lark. He was even giggling watching the rides go was so funny.
We were shocked when we seen this huge ship come in. During Coast Guard of all things it was crazy they would come in on such a busy day. Carter loved it!
We were going to go to Hanky Pank bay but Brian wanted to swim in clean water :) so we hung out on the south side of the pier for the afternoon. It was nice and relaxing and the boys napped great on the boat.

Brian and Carter ready to jump in. Trey just chilled out in his Bebe pod seat.
The rides were definitely the highlight of the weekend. I was surprised how many Carter could go on. After Brian's dad took Carter on a bunch of them on Friday I told Brian we had to go back on Saturday so he could see how much Carter loved them. Does this face say enough? I think we have a roller coaster lover on our hands!

We had a great view of the fireworks from the boat and decided to wake Carter up to see them. He had never seen fireworks and let me just say his face was cute! We had a great weekend thanks to mom and dad! Unfortunately the weekend wasn't without incident of a trip to the emergency room and a couple expensive lost items in the lake. But the weather was great and we still had a blast!

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