Monday, August 9, 2010

Fair Fun

A few weeks ago Brian was at the Berlin Fair buying animals so Trey stayed with Grandma Mary Ann and Carter and I went to go see daddy. We went in every animal barn and I think Carter touched EVERY animal. He was so fun to watch and we had a great night together.
Checking out all the tractors.
Milking the cow!
The following week we headed to the Ottawa County Fair with my mom and dad. Trey got to hang out with my cousin Allyssa and we got to take Liam along for the day. We first started off at the animal barns. Brian bought Jacob Nienhuis's pigs for ZFS so we went and checked out all the animals daddy bought.
The boys did great in the double stroller and thought it was fun to face each other...I definitely LOVE this stroller so far. They had fun petting all the animals. This goat thought Liam had treats in this cup holder and proceeded to put his whole face in it. :)
Cute, cute!
At the petting area with Grandma. Carter will reach out and touch anything and this tiny goat was oh so cute!
Of course the boys had to sit on the tractors and check them out.
Waiting for the horse races to start. My dad raced harness horses for most of my life so this brought back many memories of going to the horse races! We made it through about 3 races and the boys had ants in their pants.
Looking forward to more fair days this year yet!


The Lucas Family said...

Looks like fun! The boys didn't have nachos in their hands so of course they got antsy! Wasn't the junk food one of the best parts of watching the horse races? Oh, I miss those days!

Meeuwsens said...

They had a MONSTER bag of cotton candy though! :) Yes, my mom would always buy us whatever we wanted...still true today! The good old days were the best for sure!