Sunday, September 12, 2010

Recent fun

A few weeks ago we went to the $1 ride night at the Hudsonville Fair so Brian could enjoy it with us since he always so busy when it is the auction night. Carter had a blast. Some rides were even to slow for him. Here he is grinning from ear to ear on the race car ride that whipped him around the corners. I was shocked it didn't scare him!
Trey having fun just riding around in the stroller.
Brian and Carter riding the ferris wheel looking at the off road race.
We ran into DeWitts and Huysers so Carter got to ride the elephants with Jacob.
On Labor Day we headed downtown Holland to watch the truck parade. Carter LOVED it (of course) despite the sprinkles of rain.
Our always happy little guy just chilling out.
Waiting for the trucks with Grandma Karen and Grandpa Cliff.
The nice shiny ZFS truck!
On Friday we had Alyssa and Kaylee Lucas over for the day. I have to admit it was almost easier to have 4 kids than 2! They played SO well together and we had a lot of fun. I even got them all to nap at the same time! We had to get them used to playing with boys since they have a little brother on the way. :) Can't wait to play with them again. Here they are enjoying a snack.
My mom came to help out for a bit b/c I had to take Trey in to the Dr. They are testing him for whooping cough b/c we just can't figure him out. We didn't get a call today so I assume it came back negative and we are just praying this new antibiotic gets rid of his cough! So hard to see him cough when he's so little!

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