Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Fun

Last week I think we did about every fall activity in a matter of just a few days! It was crazy busy but we had a lot of fun. Just a few more things to check off our list yet. :) Wednesday afternoon we headed to Crane's for our annual apple picking and dinner with my MIL, SIL and nieces. It was a gorgeous day and we had a lot of fun.
The girls were home from Nebraska so we got to do a lot of fun stuff with them.

Kylie, Trey, Karinda and Carter.

Me and my happy boys. :) Grandma swinging the grandkids while we weighed our loads and paid.

Thursday night daddy took a break from work and met us downtown Zeeland for the peddle pull and free dinner. Carter thought it was fun to check out the fire truck.
Friday night we had our annual harvest party at the Bosch's house with the Top (Brian's mom's) side of the family. We first took a hayride and then had to head inside b/c the rain started. Saturday morning we headed to Elhart for Lindy VerBeek's fundraiser. We met Tim, Jen and Liam there and went for a horse and buggy ride.
Once we got home my mom came over and we quick made applesauce while the boys were napping. My mom slaving over the stove.
The finished product! After our applesauce was made we quick woke the boys up from their naps and headed downtown Zeeland for the Pumpkin Parade. It was kind of chilly and drizzly but Carter LOVED it so it was well worth it! And he came home with a bag full of candy! We ran into my cousin Dan and his family so Dimitry hung out with Carter.
Trey LOVED it too...he was full of stories with all the loud noises.
Sunday we celebrated Cliff's 60th birthday. Maybe some of you spotted the birthday wish from the grandkids in the Sentinel. We gave him '60' of several things ($60 gift card, 60 M&M's, 60 green tea bags, etc., etc.) to help him celebrate but I forgot my camera! Here is a pic from Friday night of the cupcakes I made when we celebrated with the Tops at the harvest party.

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