Monday, February 28, 2011

February Fun

Another winter month is past...yeah! Brian and Carter started off the month by going to a donkey basketball game in Ravenna. I guess these used to be really popular back in the day. It looked pretty interesting and fun!
The kids even got to take a ride on the donkeys. Carter thought it was pretty cool. His pal Sharon helped keep him on.
Carter and his BFF Sydney (our neighbor) pretending they were going to Grandma's. They hauled more stuff into this corner! Enjoying a morning outside with mom while Trey was napping.
The first weekend in February Eric and Kate and the girls came home from Nebraska so we headed up to their cabin to enjoy some time together. Carter LOVES his cousins and had a blast with them all weekend.

Taking a ride with mom.

Carter and Grandma Karen sledding behind Uncle Eric with the rest of the gang looking on. For more pictures of the weekend check out the Never Say Never blog.
Kylie hanging out with Trey.

And Karinda helping Trey 'ride' the bear. These girls are going to be great babysitters soon enough!
Carter and Brian went to the Monster Jam at Van Andel. They had a lot of fun and it will be more fun as the boys get older. Carter got spoiled with snacks and souvenirs from daddy.

Carter's favorite truck...Grave Digger!

My parents had us over for a Valentines themed lunch...complete with a red velvet cake made by me. :)
I spotted this possum at my moms...YUCK!! Those things give me the creeps and it wouldn't disappear. Carter kept saying how cute it was...gross!! We couldn't even chase it away. Our two little dudes causing trouble in the tub as always!
Our backyard wildlife.
Hoping all this snow melts in March!

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