Monday, March 14, 2011

Early Birthday Party

Last weekend Eric and Kate and the girls were home from Nebraska. And since Grandpa Cliff and Grandma Karen were leaving for Florida they decided to do an early birthday party for Karinda and Carter.

The party go-ers. Trey and Kylie. The girls just adore him!
Karinda got a Wii so she was really excited to get back home to play it. Before taking this picture I had to laugh b/c I didn't even ask Carter to stop and smile....he already knows the routine of standing by his presents and smiling! :)

His new remote control race car from Uncle Eric, Aunt Kate and the girls. We are excited to be able to go outside and play with it!
Carter and his new Grave Digger truck. It does flips and all! Trey loves to push it around the house too. Carter also got some new clothes for the summer.
Blowing out the candles! It's kind of hard to see but Grandma Karen made the cake 1/2 blue and 1/2 pink for them and Carter got 3 candles and Karinda got 8. They thought that was pretty cool. Karinda's birthday is March 24 and Carter's is March 28.
Birthday buds.

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