Sunday, August 28, 2011

Baby Girl Update

I haven't updated lately on this pregnancy or the preparations for our baby girl to arrive in 7 weeks so I thought I would post a few pictures. I am not a big belly picture fan but have snapped a few each pregnancy. Here is a picture of me at 33 weeks. I have definitely gained enough weight but thankfully still weigh less than before being pregnant with Trey so that's at least reassuring! I have been measuring about a week behind and always did with the boys too. Heartbeat has been anywhere between 140-160. She is definitely a feisty little thing and anytime anything is on my belly she kicks or punches at it. Overall I have been feeling pretty good; just the normal aches and pains and some restless nights.
As you can see Carter is really excited for his baby sister to arrive. He is so in love with her's so sweet. Praying that remains the same once she comes! He wanted me to whisper her name to him a couple of weeks ago and promised to keep it a secret...sorry buddy, no such luck. :) We are set on a name though and my family is dying for hints but they will just have to wait!

It's been fun to transform the nursery from blue to pink as well! It still needs a few more touches but here is a sneak peek into what it is looking like. Thanks to my BFF Jen for making the curtain and rocking chair cover. They turned out perfect!

The boys now share a room in the basement and it has gone way better than expected. They go to bed without a peep and even nap together during the day. It's nice to have that behind us and one less thing to worry about once the baby comes. Although it's going to by BUSY once she arrives I am definitely getting ready to meet her!

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The Busscher Family... said...

Kel....I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bedding so sweet!! The curtains and rocking chair turned out perfect too!! LOVE :)