Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy 60th Bithday mom!

Tonight we got to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday! My mom is truly my best friend and we talk almost every day; about anything and everything (just ask Brian). :) I don't want to wish away the days but I pray that Jade and I have this same kind of relationship when she is my age. And let's just say being the only daughter has it's perks. :) Thank you mom for EVERYTHING. You are always there for me and do so much for us. We LOVE you and appreciate you! (And I pray I look this FABULOUS at 60!)
Carter and Jade helping Grandma open her gifts.
The wonderful cake from Holland Cakery. Almond cake with raspberry filling...SO YUMMY!
Grandma and her grand kids...one more on the way this summer! That will be 5 in just over 4 years!
My lovely parents! Ha...got to love how my dad always dresses up for the occasion...anything Harley Davidson is getting dressed up, right? :) Love ya dad!
Mom and her kids and kids-in-law. Saturday night we get to go out with just the adults to celebrate. Looking forward to it!
Carter missed being born on my mom's birthday by just an hour but they still have a special bond and say they are birthday buddies. Looking forward to celebrating with Carter tomorrow!

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The Busscher Family... said...

You look so pretty Kel...love your shirt too :) Where did ya get it?