Sunday, March 11, 2012

A walk to the park

Even though the boys are under the weather with coughs/colds we had to get outside today and enjoy some fresh air so after naps we headed to the OAC. You know you are a busy family when you have 3 that all can still ride in a stroller! Carter was so excited to go to the park!
The adult swings are way fun!
Jade LOVED being outside and was full of giggles and smiles in the swing.
Hard to squeeze any smiles out of Trey...he's definitely not feeling the greatest but still had a good time.
Climbed the tower with mommy....

...and swung on the bench with daddy.
Looking forward to many more trips there this spring and summer.


abbie meeuwsen said...

that is so cute! that sounds so fun! i love this whether we are haveing! i was in shorts today and was hot!

abbie meeuwsen

The Busscher Family... said...

So fun...yeah for spring weather and playing outside!!