Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Catching Up's been another month already and I haven't updated. is busy.  Brian and his family bought another ethanol plant, this time in Pennsylvania, so ever since the middle of March Brian has been traveling there every week.  Needless to say, when the kids go to bed I am exhausted!  So, since I uploaded my pics in reverse order we will start with this weekend:

It's always entertaining at mom and dad Meeuwsen's on Pine Creek Bay on Sunday afternoons.  Apparently these guys thought they were deep enough???  It was quite entertaining to say the least. 
 Last week Carter went to VBS at our church and loved it.  His good friends Norah (in the pink) and Alyssa (not pictured) were in his group so he had a blast even though he looks less than thrilled at the program on Sunday. :)
 Saturday and Sunday we spent at mom and dad Meeuwsen's in the pool.  We are shocked with how much Trey LOVES the water this year.  If you know him well you know that he cries 90% of the day and well...somedays...hates the world as we say. :)  Little did we know how much he would love to swim!
 Carter likes to entertain Jade as she floats.  She also does pretty good in the water. 
 On Saturday mornings Carter is doing a soccer camp with his good buddy Jace.  Like everything else...he LOVES it. 
 On my day's off we spend a lot of time outside.  I picked up this walker at a garage sale and Jade LOVES it.  She has even figured out how to coast down our's pretty funny. 
The boys got this foam gun from Uncle Mike and Aunt Kim for their birthdays.  They love's actually pretty cool.
 Smiling C-man.
 I peeked in on Jade one day and she was curled up like a ball sound asleep like this.  She even had her two first fingers in (her pacifier).  Too funny.
 We celebrated Father's Day with Brian's family the weekend before Father's Day b/c they were all going to be out of town. Unfortunately I forgot my camera. On Father's day itself we had my family for lunch.  Here is our wonderful husband and daddy with his kids.  
 Then we tried to get a picture with my dad and us kids.  Apparently the grandkids all had to be in it too. :)
 On 6-6-12 we welcomed Addalynn Kae into the family to my brother Mike and his wife Kim. Carter thought it was pretty cool that Kasen now has a baby sister too. So excited for Jade and her to be buddies!
 On June 2 we took a bus with our church to Binder Park Zoo.  If Carter learned all his memory verses then they got a free trip to the zoo.  It was special to just take him for the day.  None of us had ever been and we had a great time.
 This picture made me laugh.  This is Brian yelling at the giraffe after he freaked out with how LONG his tongue was and how far he could reach to get the lettuce.  hee, hee
 On Memorial Day we went to the Zeeland parade and then hung at home and power washed the house.  At night we went to mom and dad Meeuwsen's for a cook out.
 All the kiddos hanging out watching mom and dad wash the house.
 Sunday before Memorial Day we headed out to Holland State Park for something fun. Jade loved hanging out and playing.
 The boys had fun playing by the water. I wasn't prepared with suits since the water was freezing but Carter went right in and played away!
 Me and Bri....I miss having him home each week.  We've had some rough days and are looking forward to having him home again!  I give all single parents a LOT of's hard and the kids are ready for daddy to be back.
Until next time...hopefully it's not another month before updating!

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